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This Conversion is based off of R. Talsorian's 'Teenagers From Outer Space' game engine as it is the RPG system I best think captures My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with its light rules, humorous roleplay, episode-like game sessions, and punishment towards min-maxers and/or power gamers (Labeled as 'comic relief' or 'canon fodder' here on out!). All credit for the game engine itself remains with R. Talsorian, and ownership of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is retained by Lauren Fast & Hasbro.

1. Introduction

You love My Little Pony. Whether you joined the fandom when the first toys rolled out or jumped on the bandwagon when Friendship is Magic first aired on The Hub, you love ponies. Either that, or a friend of yours loves ponies and is bribing you with Mountain Dew and Pizza to play this with them. But either way, you now will get the chance to roleplay as ponies with these VERY simple rules!

But why roleplay in Equestria? Well, for starters it can be a very humorous evening. While most role-playing games are surrounding epic campaigns against a villain trying to destroy the world, this game more focuses on making even the most basic of social interactions humorous. What starts as a trip to market can explode into a city-wide food fight competition with the right nudge!

But yes, as a social game, this does mean you have to use that mystical invention of humanity called your IMAGINATION! For those who may not remember from watching Sesame Street, imagination enables you to pretend you are there, as your character, playing as a pony rather than you an several friends at a table. With this useful 'imagination' tool, you can be right there in Equestria throwing pies and muffins at friends rather than someone asking if there are any more Cheetos!

2. Needed Equipment to Play

The brilliant nature of this game is you need very little to play it. It's cost-effective with this terrible world economy, and everything you need can be found in any house! What you need to play is: three 6-sided dice; something to write on (Like a notebook, notepad or even some old receipts from McDonald's); and finally something to write with like a pencil, pen, or even a crayon in a pinch!

Along with these, you need someone willing to be the Director. The Director sets up each game, explains major plot points as they happen, roleplays non player characters (Or NPCs), and other behind the scenes things. Think of the Director as Princess Celestia or Princess Luna. They rule the table, and your ponies just live there. We'll get more into Director duties later.

3. Making a Pony Character

Yes, we're diving into the deep end already! Here is where we'll get into how to make your basic character that you'll be playing in each episode (game session). To start with, each character has eight different stats that cover a wide variety of personality & physical traits: each with their own rank between 1-6. Here are the stats below:

Smarts: This is how intelligent or 'book smart' your character is. Twilight Sparkle, for example, would have this maxed.

Body: This deals with your athletic or physical abilities in general. It not only counts for how strong you may be, but covers ANY physical task like pulling an apple cart, bucking a tree, or lasting the whole Running of the Leaves. This start is all about Applejack as she would have a solid 6 stat here.

Relationship With Friends: The show doesn't touch on parents much, like in the original game TFOS, but instead focuses on friendship. As such, we carried that basic stat over to this module. This stat can actually change during the game at the Director's discretion depending on your very actions. If you're nice to your friends, it'll likely go up. But if you're mean or hateful towards them, expect this stat to drop like a stone as they grow angry with you. This is the only stat that isn't fixed in stone.

Luck: This stat is just that - how lucky you are! Are you always under a raining cloud, or are you so lucky your cutie mark is a four-leaf clover? This stat is used when nothing else works and you need that little 'oomph' to get it to work.

Galloping/Flying/Magic: This stat is for when your character flies, runs or uses magic. For Earth Ponies and other earth-bound species it's running, for Unicorns or Zebras its Magic, and for Gryphons & Pegasus Ponies it is Flying. Those who can't use magic, run or fly well (See Derpy Hooves) would be a 1 or 2 while the best fliers in all Equestria for example would be a 5-6 (See Rainbow Dash or the Wonderbolts). This stat is used usually when you fly or gallop anywhere, or when you try to use magic.

Looks: This stat applies to the overall appearance of your character. Are they the Belle of the Ball (Rarity normally) or hideously ugly (Rarity after her run-in with Trixie). This stat is also based on your species, and is used as a basis for social interactions like making friends, getting dates, or even walking runways.

Cool: This is how cool you are, in general. Not just how well you carry yourself, but how calm and collected you can stay when facing down an adult dragon. Everyone BUT Rainbow Dash can have up to 6 points in this stat. Her stat is 7.2 being 20% cooler.

Bonk: In every role-playing game, the great equalizer is your hit points. You can have the greatest character in the world, but what use is it if they can't take abuse? That's where the great equalizer comes in. But ponies don't die in the cartoon, so we can't have them die here! So this game has a unique way of handling hit points or Bonk.

Any attacks on your character, both physical or verbal, can cost you bonk. If your bonk hits zero, you're left out of the game for a turn while everyone else keeps playing. Next turn you pop right back into the game good as new... Well, ALMOST as good as new. If it was a physical attack, you'll start getting bandages from the attacks. And for every point you suffer PAST zero, that's another turn with your character sitting there stunned or knocked out. So, try not to lose all your bonk so you can keep playing ponies!

Now, there are TWO ways of making your character: rolling or choosing. Both have their own merits and disadvantages. Your Director will decide which you'll use, but here are both methods:

Rolling: Roll a die 6 times, and assign each number to the stat of your choosing. Once finished, you can then move points from each stat to best suit your character concept as long as no stats drop below 1 or above 6.

Choosing: This method means you can just choose numbers between 1 to 6 for every stat without rolling. While in concept this can seem great, know that the MORE 6's you have, the more you're becoming the game's cannon fodder. But we'll get into that later.


Everyone in Equestria has at least 1 defining special talent. But, some may also have additional talents that come in useful. To decide how many talents your character has, you roll a die and the number that comes up is your talent total. Talents can be anything really, but they HAVE to be related to one of your above traits above you just created. The talent's also have to be summed up within one simple phrase. So if you have a Smarts stat of 1, the talent of 'remembers any book read' wouldn't fit well. But someone with a Galloping/Flying Stat of 6 could have 'Trick Flier' easily. This is where you get the chance to define what makes your character special, as well as help flesh out the character.

You can also apply additional points to a talent in lieu of an additional talent. For example, you have a Looks of 5 and get 4 talents max. You can choose to have one talent be 'sad puppy dog eyes' and give it 2 of your skill points. This means when needed, your talent of looking pathetic and sad to get your way is amplified further, but you would end up only having two other talents in exchange. So use your points wisely.

Powergaming And You (Or How to be Cannon Fodder)

So, you made your character have all 6 stats, and you have a 6 on your 'Always remain cool no matter what happens' talent to be the coolest, most epic pony around! Great! You'll never lose.

Except you will. You see, this game is designed to reward being average or failing a bit. You don't WANT to be the best at everything. Because the more 6 stats you have, the more you become the target for everything bad that happens. Every stray meteor, every falling anvil, and every catty comment will be lobbed at you. Let's look at an example of how others in game view maxed stats, shall we?

Maxed Cool & Looks: Your character is the cutest, most suave pony around. Everyone around you of your preferred gender preference wants you. That's the problem, though. They ALL want you. And every single one of them are going to do EVERYTHING in their power to have you. EVERY SECOND. Of EVERY day. Likewise, those of the opposite gender or opposite sexual orientation are going to hate you for stealing the attention from them. So, they're going to want to fight you EVERY chance they get. EVERY SECOND. Of EVERY day.

As you can see, having those high scores may not be the wisest of ideas. But, if you want to do it, go ahead! Just remember that with every high stat, you're painting a bigger target on your back. And, worse of all, you'll never know just how high is too high. So play it safe and be aware that you were warned!

What Species Are You?

Now we get down to the fun part: Your Character species! In Equestria there are three species of ponies: Earth Pony, Pegasus Pony, and Unicorn Pony. There are also the Alicorn Ponies who are royalty (Princess Luna and Princess Celestia), but those are NPCs and players are not allowed to play as one. Likewise, the other character species allowed in the game are Baby Dragons and Gryphons. These are rare, so you will have the social pariah of possibly being the only one around. Each character species is detailed below:

Pony Species

Pony species are the common species in Equestria. They are the most seen, and the world is built to suit them. All equine-based species have a rear kick attack that hits for one bonk if it connects. There are three basic varieties of pony to play as:

Earth Pony

Earth ponies are the common species on Equestria, and look like a standard pony. Ponies who have figured out their special talent (Or the talent they have the most points in on creation) will also have a cutie mark that signifies their main talent. They can be any color imaginable, and likewise have any color mane. Earth Ponies also get to roll 2 dice, add the total, and get one of these bonus abilites:

2) Rich - You have all the bits you'll ever need, being born from high society
3) Extra Bonk - You get 4 extra points to your bonk score and are harder to KO.
4) Extra Talent - You get 1 extra talent point, or can assign an extra talent point to an existing talent.
5) Very Lucky - You are one of the luckiest ponies around! You get +2 to any luck roll since things seem to always go your way!
6-7) Nothing
8) Stay Connected - You seem to always know where the party is, who is going to be there, and what time it starts. No matter what, you are always in the know about everything in your town.
9) Run Fast - While nothing compared to the Super Speed of a Pegasus, this stat is the Earth Pony equivalent and makes you gallop faster than the average Earth Pony.
10) Strength - You are stronger than the normal pony and get 4 extra points added to physical tasks.
11) Cute As A Button - You are so cute, you give other ponies cavities. You get a +4 to convincing others, but also get a -4 when trying to be taken seriously or as an adult.
12) Freak Out - When things get too tough, you will lose all your cool. When your bonk hits 1, for one whole turn, you gain Run Fast, Strength, and Extra Bonk. Think of it when someone gets pushed to their breaking point and adrenaline kicks in.

Pegasus Pony

These ponies are similar to Earth Ponies, but they have the ability to fly with their wings. Likewise, Pegasus Ponies have the ability to walk on or land on clouds as if they were solid ground. As a down side, Pegasus Ponies have a VERY high metabolism to power their wings. So Pegasus Ponies need to eat a lot. It also makes them far more reactive to alcoholic drinks. So be careful at the bar! Pegasus Ponies also get to roll from the following chart for one of 6 bonus abilities:

1) Nothing
2) Super Speed - You can fly faster than the avarage pony
3) Keep Flying - When you get stunned or surprised when flying, you get 2 extra points to keep you in the air. Remember, the ground hurts when you fall into it!
4) Extra Bonk - You are sturdier than the avrage pegasus, and get 2 extra points of bonk to take a kicking and keep on going!
5) Weather Sense - You know everything there is about weather, and get an additional 4 on all weather-related rolls like sensing a storm or knowing all the best napping clouds.
6) Extra Talent - You get 1 extra talent point, or can assign an extra talent point to an existing talent.

Unicorn Ponies

These ponies are also similar to Earth Ponies, but have a unicorn horn that allows them to perform simple magic. Each use of the magic needs a magic roll based on your skill in that attribute. And anything harder than lifting and manipulating an object under 10 lbs. runs the risk of backfiring per the Director's discretion. Also, continous use of magic starts to drain your bonk at the Director's discretion until you pass out from exhaustion. Unicorns also can roll off of the following chart for one of 6 abilities:

1) Nothing
2) Rich - You have all the bits you'll ever need, being born from high society
3) Lifting Objects - You are so skilled at using your magic to help move objects that you can move and use any number of objects up to 20 lbs. without a die roll.
4) Zap - You get the ability to use your magic to damage other creatures for 2 bonk damage.
5) Teleport - You can teleport yourself and up to 4 other creatures to ANY place you have been before. Also, you have to go with those teleported, and can't just send them there. Also, the further away the teleport, the more likely the chance the Director may make the teleport spell fail or backfire.
6) Extra Talent - You get 1 extra talent point, or can assign an extra talent point to an existing talent.

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragons are the only species in Equestria with hands and fixed magic abilities. They are half the size of ponies, so can ride on their back. They also can eat and digest gemstones, their preferred food. Aside from this, they also have the natural ability to breathe fire. This magic can be used to send scrolls and other objects up to 2 lbs. in weight to a fixed location or person. Also, breathe fire does 2 bonk to anyone that happens to be hit by the fire, as well as leaving them blackened from the flames for a turn.


Gryphons are half lion-half eagle hybrids that live in Equestria alongside the pony species. While they do not have hands, their front eagle claws can be used as hands. But, like Pegasus Ponies, they have a high metabolism and need even more food than a Pegasus due to their larger size. But they also gain the ability to land on or walk on clouds like a Pegasus Pony. Their claws can be used for attacking, and do 2 bonk damage. Also, you get to roll one 6-sided die to get an ability from the following chart:

1) Nothing
2) Super Speed - You can fly faster than the average gryphon
3) Keep Flying - When you get stunned or surprised when flying, you get 2 extra points to keep you in the air. Remember, the ground hurts when you fall into it!
4) Extra Bonk - You are sturdier than the average gryphon, and get 2 extra points of bonk to take a kicking and keep on going!
5) Monster Out - When things get too tough, you will lose all your cool and turn into an engine of berzerker rage. When your bonk hits 1, you gain Super Speed, Strength, and Extra Bonk. But unlike the Earth Pony 'Freak Out', you have a -4 to all other rolls due to your anger, and you MUST to lose all your bonk (calm down) to get out of Monstering Out.
6) Extra Talent - You get 1 extra talent point, or can assign an extra talent point to an existing talent.

Other Species

There are buffallo and zebras that can also be used as player characters, if your Director allows it. If they do, roll your character using the Earth Pony build and chart. Also, if you want, you can use the earth pony build to play as an animal friend or pet. But, with this, you would also become mute and have to use animal noises and pantomime to convey your thoughts or feelings. Once again, it is up to your Director to approve such characters.


Each character is allowed three traits or personality quirks that must be summed up in a brief phrase of no more than 3 words. These are different than Abilities or Talents as they apply more to your character's personality itself. So you can have 'Stubborn' or 'Stuck Up' as Traits, but not 'Ruler of all Equestria in her own mind'. Remember when choosing these traits that these three phrases sum up YOUR character. So be careful choosing to be a paranoid, skittish, insane baby dragon!

Your Funds

Bits makes Equestria go around. Unlike some words where nothing costs money, Equestria's built around commerce. And for money, you need a job. First off, every pony of age has something they do as their job for bits (Unless they have the 'Rich' Ability). Decide your job and get your Director's approval. If you get it, roll two 6-sided dice and multiply the amount by 2. This is how many bits you have each week after paying your basic bills.

When creating a new character, roll one more die and multiply your bits amount by this number. This is how much your character has saved up before the game begins. Of course, if you have the Rich Ability, you can skip this part as you have no need for a job or care about costs.

Now, on spending bits, your Director will decide how many bits different items or services cost and let you know. For RP to keep flowing, its best not to have endless droning charts of what costs what, right? So just look to the Director, and they will give you the price.

4. How To Play as a Player

This section is everything you need to know to actually PLAY the game, as a player. After reading this, you'll be ready to play an 'episode' with your group and have fun. So let's get to it, shall we?

Taking Turns

In every game everyone has to take turns, and this game is no exception. This helps the game flow smoothly, and makes it fair for everyone. Yes, we know the game is really all about YOU, but let's be democratic here, okay?

As for the order everyone plays in that episode or game, the Director will decide that before the game, and for the rest of the game THAT is your order each turn. Even if you get bonked out and lose a turn or more, when you come back you'll keep your same spot.

The game is played in a series of rounds which everyone, including the Director, takes a turn doing ONE action. This action can be as simple as eating an apple to as complex as trying to reseal Nightmare Moon back into the moon. But on your turn you get to attempt an action.

Now, if the action is more complex than your basic skills allow, you will need to make a roll with one of your stats. The BASIC Formulas for rolls are as follows:

To Perform an action: Player's Die Roll + Chosen Stat Score + Any Applicable Talents or Bonus Skills = Total Number to Use to Beat Director's Secretly Chosen Difficulty Rating

To Defend AGAINST an action: Player's Die Roll + Chosen Stat Score + Any Applicable Talents or Bonus Skills = Total Number to Use to Beat Other Player's Roll or Director's NPC Roll

Let's use a scenario to explain this in action:

Twilight Sparkle wants to cast a spell on Rarity to give her wings for 3 days. So she announces she is wanting to cast the very difficult spell. Next she rolls a die and adds one of her stats to it that suits the situation. Her magic stat is 5 and her smarts is 6. She rolls a 5 and decides to add her higher 6 points in smarts using the defense of her ability to comprehend the spell. This gives her a total of 11. The Director sees she beat the  top secret difficulty level only they know, and tells her she succeeded in casting the spell.

It then moves to Rarity, since this is technically an attack on her. She rolls a die and gets a 5. She adds her Cool stat of 5 to keep from bolting in fear from such a dangerous spell, and adds her talent of 'willing to help friends +2' to get a score of 12. The Director sees she beat the difficulty level and says Rarity stood there calm enough to have the spell cast on her.

Now, in normal attacks on players the highest roll plus stats and usable talents or abilities will win. So if someone is trying to attack you, but you get the higher total, you win. But be aware, the Director is the final judge on the use of a stat on a roll, and you better be ready to defend your choice of that stat on that roll!

Finally, when rolling against the Director to attack an NPC, you as the player MUST beat the Director's roll. if there is a tie, the Director wins each time. So keep this in mind.

All right, that's the basics! Enjoy the game! The rest of this is for the Director, so as a player stop reading NOW!

5. How to be a Director

So, you're the person brave enough to try to control this mess! First off, my condolences. Seriously, do you know what you're getting into? Really, you do? Okay, than the rest of this document is for you!

For starters, being the Director can be as hard as it is fun. Players have their own ideas on what THEY want to do, and it's your job to keep order in game. And after this section, you'll be able to do just that! Well, in theory anyways...

First off, don't worry about the scale of the game. If a player asks about how far away something is or how close, usually they JUST want to know if they can hit it or use it. So use your best judgement on that, okay?

Next we get into the length of turns in game. Once again, this is variable. Basically, a turn takes as long as it takes to perform the task itself. So if the action the player is performing is to throw an apple pie at someone's head, that's a few seconds. But if it is reparing the broken wheel on a chariot or baking cupcakes, it takes a bit longer!

Now, for deciding how tough something can be. It's best to use a scale rating of 1 (Pass every time) to 10 (Oatmeal, are you crazy!?) that the player has to roll to beat. This number can be chosen by you before the roll to see if they can do it. Now, every once in a while a player may want to try to do something so monumentally stupid that you want to smack your forehead. In this instance, you are given permission to whip out the fabled '20' for them to beat as long as you don't abuse this occasional "No You Can't" power. Let's look at some general tasks and different ranks for an idea.

Give Someone 'Derp' Eyes: 1
Go to the Store: 2
Bake Cupcakes: 5
Perform a Hard Spell: 7
Facing Down Nightmare Moon: 10
Apple Bloom Facing Down the Entire Horde Army With a Sling Shot: 20

So, as you can see, it's pretty simple to figure out how to assign a rating. Just keep it fair and fun for the players. Once you have set your rating of difficulty for the task, roll a single die and add that to your difficulty for the total number they had to beat. For the simple formula:

Chosen Difficulty Rating + Die Roll = Number Players Have To Beat

It's also up to you to decide which stat they can use on their rolls. Make them defend their choice if it seems off the wall, and reward creativity if they come up with a good excuse. Or not! After all, it's your game, you decide what works best!

This game also has a fun way to deal with traveling. People want to have fun, so why spend a whole game walking? You, as the Director, get to call for a 'scene change' and suddenly the day-long trip is over and the players are at their destination. Simple, right? More time to play and have fun, and less time trudging across the plains.

Now let's look at Bonk. Bonk is the player's health, and you can make them take bonk for ANYTHING! Really! That's half the fun and humor of the game! But, in reality, bonk is usually limited to Physical or Emotional attacks. There's two fair ways to figure out bonk loss:

Preset Bonk: Some attacks (Like dragon's breath or zap) have a set bonk number. It always does this amount if it hits.

Director Decides: You decide on a number between 1-3 (Or higher as needed) and apply it to the player. An example is if the player is constantly casting spells or levitating things, you can choose to hit them for 1 bonk a turn for exhaustion. Or, if the player gets hit with a stinging insult that has everyone around the table groaning, you hit the insulted player or players with 3 bonk for complete embarrassment.

Now, let's look at more -mature- topics, shall we? Let's be honest, everyone tries to sneak adult themes into gaming. This game, though, is where people TRYING it is encouraged... Not because they'll succeed, but because that means the player or player is REALLY asking you the Director to mess with them. The universe itself is rated PG, so anything more than a hug or kiss and the entire universe will unleash its wrath to stop it. Let's look at a way to handle this, shall we?

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie want some alone time, they try to sneak up to Pinkie Pie's room when the Cutie Mark Crusaders suddenly storm into the shop to announce they just got their prize money from the Talent Show and want to buy all the treats. Then Gilda shows up and challenges Pinkie Pie to a fight to the Death for Rainbow Dash. Next a storm cloud sweeps in, threatening to destroy all of Ponyville. Finally, A meteor crashes into Pinkie Pie's room to obliterate it. All in four turns.

So, if your players want to try to get naughty, just smile. They're just making your job easier. But don't misunderstand, there is dating and hugging and kissing in the game. The 'universal pain' just kicks in when they try to go further than platonic love. And the best part is, the players will sometimes keep running into this proverbial wall to prove they someday can willingly go further! It's that easy a baited trap!

Now, for flying of falling characters, they will ask how much bonk they took. A good judge of this is to take away 1 bonk for every 10 feet over their flying skill. Of they don't fly, they take the full bonk. Out of fairness, you should cap this at 10, and anything over 20-30 ft fall you can add an additional 10 ft. of character-shaped crater in the ground for comedic effect.

Finally we get to experience points, or what players REALLY want! The treat at the end of the stick to keep them playing. Now, they can't change their stats ever. The only non-fixed stat is Relationship With Friends, and you can adjust that on the fly per your discretion and their actions.

But, what they can do is get new talents or improve current talents. And to do that, after every game, you can award experience points. The fairest and easiest way is after every game have everyone at the table write the names of everyone, including themselves, and write a number between 0-3 in secret for how many points they think that player or themselves deserve. You then collect the papers, add your own score, and average the result.

So if 5 people in the group vote someone 2, 2, 3, 1, 2 and you add a two, your total is 10. You add your vote of 2 to make 12, divide by the 6 voters, to come up with the first person's score of 2 points. This is also a GREAT equalizer on someone who ruined the game as its possible for someone to get a 0. You can round up or down, if you want, but I usually round down to make it easier.

Finally, if players want, in lieu of talents, they can use the points to exchange for bits at one bit to one point.

6. Humor

This game is SUPPOSED to be, at its core, humorous. Players and you are supposed to have fun with it. But you may not be a funny Director! No worries, there are 5 simple things you can do to make the game funny.

Get Physical

Don't just sit in your chair droning on. Get up, move around, act out what the characters are doing. Get the players in on the act of being safely physical within reason. Get loud, have fun, and get your body into the game!

Keep a Frantic Pace

You should NEVER let the players have too much down time. No matter what, always have something about to happen in case they get that 'bored' look in their eyes. Even if they are resting, have things ready to happen or spring out to keep the game moving and action happening. Keep a stock of non-player conflict characters on hand for times when the players are seeming bored. When things are getting slow, have one show up for instant conflict!

Also, if the pace gets to be too much or people look like they need more drinks or munchies, you can always call a 'commercial break' in the episode. Let them run off to do what they need to do, then restart right here the commercial break left off!

'Borrow' Jokes

You laughed your head off at a cartoon or sitcom, and wanted to use it in a game. So do it! If it would fit well, why not? The players want to have fun, and you can't be expected to always have original ideas! So borrow freely! It's a game, not your final term paper on Ancient Calculus in Greece.

Use Running Jokes

At any gaming table, something will happen that everyone will make jokes off of. And keep doing it. And keep doing it. This is a running joke, and you can use it at will for instant laughs. Internet Memes can also fall into this category. Like, if your characters ask how many trees are left to buck, for example, you can stare at them and go, "There are OVER 9000!!!!".

Be an Idiot

Players are going to do some stupid things, but why should they get all the fun? You as the Director should get to do them, too! Feel free to have your NPC characters be as silly as the player characters at times, if not sillier! After all, this is a game, and games are supposed to be fun! So have fun!

There, was that so hard? Now get out there and have some fun!
So, a MLP RPG that's simple, fun, and focuses on humor and chaos. Yeah, I can dig it...

Side Note: Deviant Art wouldn't let me put this game into any game section because 'Text & HTML files are not allowed in games'. Fail on their part.
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catzrul2 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
So, I came across this some time ago, and became hugely inspired! So much so, that I decided to expand upon this idea and create my own MLP RPG based off the game mechanics of TFOS, adapting a couple of other game mechanics from another RPG. (Dresden Files) I am almost done making the core set (should be posted within the week) and am making a character expansion.

Long story short, I would be honored if you could take a bit of time to review it when I post it. I would greatly appreciate the opinion of the one who planted the idea in my head in the first place.
Frostybrand Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2011
For the Horde-er I mean, I'd play it :3
Sanitys-Insane Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011
This is exactly what I needed for the weeks we're missing players for my D&D campaign, but still wanna play something. Nothing makes a better oneshot that ponies.
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2011
I'm going to spend today updating some revisions to the rules players have requested, so it should run better for your group!
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Ok THIS! This is win!
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Glad you like! I need to go back and revise this into 1.5 with a LOT of suggestions received!
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You win so incredibly hard, you just got 20% cooler than Rainbow Dash.

I just wish I had a bunch of bronies to play this game with. xD
MysticSamuraiX Featured By Owner May 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I tried stating out Rainbow Dash, according the this system, I think this is what she'd be like.
Note: Pay and Bits are just the average rolls you'd get.

Name: Rainbow Dash
Species: Pegasus
Ability: Super Speed
Traits: Loyal, Competitive, Proud
Job: Weather Control
Pay: 14
Savings: 42

Smarts: 3
Body: 4
Relationship: 3
Luck: 1
Flying: 6
Looks: 3
Cool: 7.2
Bonk: 3

Flight Show: 1
Loyalty: 2
Weather Control: 1
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner May 10, 2011
Wow, this is prettyt awesome!
MysticSamuraiX Featured By Owner May 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Also, it seems Earth Ponies get the short end of the stick. They've got a 30.5% chance of getting nothing! I even got the percentages. (All decimal points are of the "continuing" variety.)

Rich: 2.7%
Extra Bonk: 5.5%
Extra Talent: 8.3%
Very Lucky: 11.1%
Nothing: 30.5%
Stay Connected: 13.8%
Run Fast: 11.1%
Strength: 8.3%
Cute as a Button: 5.5%
Freak Out: 2.7%

I just bring this up because it seems disproportionate. You could try "D6%" where you roll 2d6 with one in the "tens" place and another in the "ones" place (It'd require different colored dice, but considering the popularity of DnD that's not too hard).
Andyroid Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011
As a TFoS fan and a MLP-FIM fan, I have to say this is pretty cool. Though I think there ought to be room on that list of Earth Pony powers for a fortune-telling ability (a la "Pinkie Sense").
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011
It can be revised into a 2.0. Up above someone wants a whole section on magic charts and forms. Not looking forward to that in the least, but if it NEEDS tons of charts and forms... I'm willing to take suggestions & help on making it fun yet still faithful to TFOS & MLP-FiM.
dwreanchinotan Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011
derpy rolls dice. derpy gets a one.
derpy, you fail to eat the muffin. you do not get to meme, i award you no bonk, and may god have mercy on your soul.
Lurks-no-More Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2011
Hee, funny!
wakabalasha Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2011
This makes me want to get some bronies together and just play D&D, but replace the d&d people with the cast from the show. Actually this gives me an idea for something pretty awesome, too bad I'll have to wait about a week before I can test anything with anyone ;(
sfogg25 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Hmm. Maybe I'm just too much of a RPG optimizer, but the whole "cannon fodder" thing seems pretty suspect. So there's a line for how well you can do, but we won't tell you where it is, and when you cross it the director can do whatever they want to you? Sounds fun!

I'm sure that's from the original rules, but sheesh! I was hoping for some system of totaling successes vs failures and sliding the difficulty, or maybe something like Burning Wheel where you need failures to advance skills.

I think you did a good job of translating the system to ponies, though. The one thing it might have used is some sort of magic system, that would help keep it from being just arbitrary choices of difficulty for every idea the unicorns have.

If my group ever wants to try a one-shot, though, I'll suggest this. Thanks for putting it up!
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
I kind of wanted to avoid a magic system as that'd lead to things that'd get WAY too complicated and invite rules lawyers. And a good Director will know how hard to make casting a spell. Lifting anything up to 10 lbs and using it is simple, but like blowing up several buildings with fireballs while also causing it to rain marshmallows... That'd take some decent skill. I dunno. I just want to avoid someone pointing to some comple graph saying, "But it says I can do it HERE!" and ruining the ROLEplay...
Inkwell-Pony Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
Besides, with what we've seen in the series, magic is a very versatile thing. Making it free form, based off of a magic stat, would keep the feeling of the series. I think you did a good job keeping it that way...

That being said, being an old fan of TFOS, I personally think I'd have done the stats a little differently myself, but that's just the difference of one gamer to another, ya know. ^^
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011
Well, I'm open for suggestions & revisions. It's just I was going for KISS not endless thousands of charts & rules and appendixes. I'm a fan of old-school TFOS, too, and just wanted to make it simple. I dunno, I always saw TFOS as wild, zany, comedic, & rules-light for more humor to BALANCE OUT every other game that has a rule or chart or die roll for even walking two steps. I dunno... Being too defensive, bt I would like to make it better, if its needed.
Indigo81 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Man this is complicated! Yet somehow I know it will catch on. You really put alot of thought into making these rules. You have earned my respect.
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Actually, it's pretty basic for an RPG! All the rules can be printed out in a few pages instead of 5-20 books!
Bobcat2011 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
"Twilight Sparkle wants to cast a spell on Rarity to give her wings for 3 days. So she announces she is wanting to cast the very difficult spell. Next she rolls a die and adds one of her stats to it that suits the situation. Her magic stat is 5 and her smarts is 6. She rolls a 5 and decides to add her higher 6 points in smarts using the defense of her ability to comprehend the spell. This gives her a total of 11. The Director sees she beat the top secret difficulty level only they know, and tells her she succeeded in casting the spell."

Where is the Magic Stat listed in the rules?
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Galloping/Flying/Magic: This stat is for when your character flies, runs or uses magic. Those who can't run or fly well (See Derpy Hooves) would be a 1 or 2 while the best fliers in all Equestria would be a 5-6 (See Rainbow Dash or the Wonderbolts). This stat is used when you fly or gallop anywhere, or when you try to use magic.

I'll re-write it to make it clearer...
Bobcat2011 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Ah, okay, that does clear things up.
PrismQuartz Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011

I'm gonna have to start converting my friends into bronies now o__o
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Glad you like!
DoesIWin Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Wonder if someone could write a chatroom script for this. Something like EpicMafia but with pwnys.
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Not sure...?
J00DoNotSeeMe Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011  Hobbyist
Suddenly I feel the urge to go brony-hunting for people to play this with.

Although, why would going to the store be harder than giving someone Derp Eyes?
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Because things can happen to stop you from going to the store like other ponies or a freak storm or cupcakes. While Derp Eyes I wanted to be a free action anyone could do, like sweatdropping or forehoofing.
J00DoNotSeeMe Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Hobbyist
Oh, I must've misread it. I thought it meant making someone else get derped eyes.
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011
It's okay!
Destroy93 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Ill try it
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Excellent! Let me know how you like it!
mentaltraveler Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
I'm glad you like it! If you run a game, please let me know how it ran for you!
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