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Submitted on
March 18, 2011
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(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
Dearest Luna,

While I would usually write your sister about my adventures, I felt that only you could appreciate the experiences of which I am about to divulge. To protect Spike, I am using my own magic to inscribe this scroll, and shall be handing it to him just to send.

It all began a week ago, after our dinner at the bistro in Canterlot. After your carriage dropped me off in front of the library, I had stepped inside so as to do some 'research' on that spell you were asking about. With Spike out helping babysit the Cutie Mark Crusaders at Rarity's, it was left up to me to find the proper spell book in the most ancient part of the old tree library. That meant going into the cellar.

My hooves began to clop down the steps, the yellowish glow from the lantern I held with my magic casting an eerie glow upon the earthen and root walls of my tree home's basement. Unlike upstairs, where I could always hear the faint noise of the town, at this very late hour it was near silent. And, with the damp earth of spring surrounding me, even that noise was muffled to the point of being non-existent.

I began to look over these rarely-used bookshelves, the dusty tomes filling the air with the scent of mildew and rotting paper. Closing my eyes, I can still almost smell the scent... And it brings to mind the coming horrors of which I will reveal in due time to you, my beloved.

It was as I walked down one of the bookshelves in the back of the room that I felt it first. A tug not at my gut... No, this was more like a pull at my very soul. Magic knows magic, and this magic knew my power. It called to me, almost begging me to examine it. If I knew then what I know now, I would have razed the entire underside of my house and been done with it all.

But, being inquisitive to a fault, I foolishly looked towards my right to see a small red journal of some sort. Setting my lantern on the shelf, I then picked up the journal and slowly turned it in the air. From the outside, this little book looked like anything a writer pony would carry to jot down notes or story ideas. There was a simple gold latch on the front of the faded red leather cover. Turning the book over, I saw the spine and the back of the book were the darkest black I've ever seen under your night sky, as if the journal had been dropped into ink.

I poked the latch with a hoof, and was surprised to find the old mechanism opened with only the faintest groan from its advanced age. I had thought it might be locked, but was pleased to see otherwise. Oh, if only the book had been locked! I could have avoided going down the path of dark horrors of which I fear I must now tell you about! But you know I never could resist any book, despite how much I should have ignored this one...

Using my magic, I opened the cover slowly... As I did, the coldest of breezes suddenly whipped along the bookshelves, knocking down books from the shelves before hitting me with its full force. As the wind blew across me, I swear to this day I heard a female screaming. Shaking my head, I foolishly ignored the warning of this ill wind and looked back to the book to see what it said.

Inside, I was amazed to find only four pages having been written in, the final page bearing an oddly-shaped black splat of ink matching the spine and cover. I have since destroyed the journal itself, but attached to this missive are the copy I made of the entries therein.

I know I am dead. Or I am about to be. Knight Shade warned me to run while I could. I just do not know how it got so wrong so fast! It started after Megan died in that accident. Danny was never the same. Never, never the same after that.

I didn't know until it was too late that Molly actually had been working on the cult for years. Zeb was actually one of her first converts, as were the mice and rats. Few of us knew, really, until the raids began...

It was ten years after Megan had died that the first raid came through Paradise Estate. Molly sat on a keg of Witchbrew potion being carried by the zebras and rats as she bellowed out her orders. It was then we found out everything... Every foe and enemy we'd ever faced was just a ploy by her to gather power.

She held the 'shadow stealer' in one hand, and a stick of metal that she used to injure or kill with its magic any pony who dared stand against her. She claimed that she had found the true path of the ponies, and that she now needed us to follow her as our new Goddess and ruler.

Danny, bless his soul, stood up against her with some of the braver ponies. And he was one of the first to die. His head... It just exploded from that metal wand she wielded to splatter brains and blood across the grass before she began maiming or killing the other ponies who stood with her brother.

I am ashamed to admit it, but I ran. I ran and I ran, not looking back. As I ran, I could hear the screams of pain and death from my friends and family. But I ran to save my own life. As soon as I was clear of the town I bolted towards the mountains. There was a cabin I knew of that I felt I would be safe in.

Once there, I collapsed into the bed and slept for what felt like hours. On waking, I found this journal while searching over the cabin for provisions. I'm writing down what happens to me as a record in case I can't survive. Someone must know what has happened.


It's been six months since the raids began. From Paradise Estate now rises an acrid black smoke that never ceases no matter what time. The sound of metal against metal fills the air every time I venture as close as I can to look for survivors. Those I do see bolt from me, thinking me part of the new cult, before I can help them. But, perhaps it is for the best I stay alone. I could use a friend, but I can use my life more.


I claimed the robe off a dead cultist. The poor pegasus was ill-fitted to the changes and dark magicks that Molly had placed upon him. Why he didn't go into the fire with the other failed converts, I do not know. Perhaps he was searching for more ponies to convert when his heart gave out. Either way, I now have a way into the town to see with my own eyes what she has done. I'll go there after I practice to walk as the converts do.


I write down the horrors I just witnessed for any survivors. I had seen some of the cult on the outskirts of Paradise Estate, but never had I been able to venture inside until today. It took me almost a month to walk as the cultists do without falling, but I knew I would die instantly if I could not disguise myself.

Walking into town, my mind reeled at what that witch had done. The sign for Paradise Estate had been taken down, and instead was a new sign made of bones that read 'Hoofwitch'. Apparently, Molly felt her old name no longer fitting of a living goddess. The ponies all around me no longer looked like ponies. Most had elongated forms, and magick had been used to reshape their hooves to mimic Molly's hands on some of the elongated ponies.

Trotting through the town, I passed by a priest with a group of cultists gathered about him. So as to not seem out of place, I slipped into the group. The leader's speech was horrible. He detailed the gruesome slaughter of the 'impure flutterponies and seaponies' as they were unable to bear the change 'Goddess Hoofwitch blessed her followers with'.

The cultists cheered as the priest described the last sea pony's death in the fire pit not a week ago, and my heart ached. A sea pony had saved my life once, and to know it and its kind were dead filled me with such remorse. Outside, I cheered with the rest. But inside, I felt the pain heavy on my heart.

As the sermon ended, cultists began to part to 'search for the impure'. I slipped into an alley, swallowing hard as I wondered what kind of insanity could lead to this. I stood in that alley watching as those who could not bear the magicks of the change threw themselves willingly into the fire pits. Their screams were almost as loud as the cheers as their 'impure' were weeded out. As soon as it grew dark, I slipped out of the town. Once out of sight, I could return to my normal gallop and quickly get back to the safety of my cabin.


I've been followed. I know not how, but this time I've been followed. They brought a group with them, and they're currently bashing at my door. I can hear the wood splintering, and smell the scent of blood from their weapons. Please, whomever finds this journal, stop Molly! She must be stopped! I may be the last pony who knew her before the change, and I know how far she has fallen. She must be killed for what she has done to her family and to Paradise Estate.

~ Half-Note

The pages seemed odd to me. I've studied all of the history of Equestria, and never have I heard such strange names such as Molly, Megan, or Danny. Nor had I ever heard of a 'Hoofwitch' or 'Paradise Estate'. Closing the book, I lifted it with my magic as I thought about what it had said. Could this be merely some pony's attempt at a horror novel? It seemed almost too outlandish for even that. But the journal had mentioned zebras. And there was only one zebra I knew of.

As I copied down the entries to paper, the frantic, almost illegible lettering of the final entry didn't match the earlier entries' calmer style of writing. Something had happened, and these yellowed pages were the sole witnesses. Closing the book, I noticed Celestia's sun had risen. Stretching my body, I knew I couldn't sleep until I talked to the one zebra who might have some insight I could not find in my books: Zecora.

Packing up my saddlebags, I left Spike a note along with some rubies explaining that I'd gone to see Zecora. I put the journal in last as another cold chill ran down my spine. Since finding the leather-covered tome, I felt something was amiss in the air. Like a veil of sorts had been lifted from my eyes. Making my way towards the Everfree Forest, the forest itself seemed even scarier than usual. Giving a swallow on its edge, I plunged into the forest.

The journey to Zecora's cottage seemed longer, even if I know rationally that it took no longer. The eyes... The eyes I always seemed to feel upon me in that forest could be felt ever more so than usual. All around me, the trees seemed to be even more frightening as I quickened my pace. The trees groaned as the wind picked up, their branches beginning to swipe at my body as I bobbed and weaved down the path.  

By the time I reached Zecora's home, I bolted into a full run. I hit the door, banging with my hooves for entry as I screamed Zecora's name into the howling wind. So frantic was I that when she did finally open the door, I bolted inside and curled up in the corner. It was not my finest hour, but I was so terrified from what I'd read before. But this was not the end to my fears, but only the first taste of what was in my near future.

Zecora tried in her usual rhyming tone to console me, and slowly I began to calm down. As my breathing slowed, I mentioned I'd found a journal about zebras and needed her advice on what to do with the information inside. On showing her the book, she just laughed.... Until she took it in her muzzle. Spitting the book out quickly, I asked what was wrong.

"Covered in blood, this book was. Its metal taste made my tongue all abuzz." Her words stuck in my mind as I began to think. I had assumed all along it had been ink. But I remembered from my reading that as blood gets oxidized, it gets blacker and blacker as it rots. Eventually, the blood takes on a blackness not unlike ink with only a slight browning remaining. To reach this level of blackening meant the book itself had to be ancient.

I used my magic to hold the book & open it, and Zecora began to read. At first she was cheerful, and then as she turned the pages a look of recognition and horror crossed over her face. Zecora knew what this journal was about. She knew, and I was going to make her tell me.

"It is just a story from the past, someone's attempt at fiction that didn't last..." Her tone was nervous, her breath rapid as her chest began to rise and fall as quickly as her beating heart. Zecora knew what was going on. She knew the fear I was feeling, and I was quite firm that I would not leave until she told me the truth. It took almost an hour of arguing and fighting, but eventually she relented. I was deliriously happy at the time, but now I know I should have let the subject rest.

The tale she spun was one of horror and woe. I sadly can't do her rhyming cadence justice, so I must paraphrase the tale she spun for me. One of her ancestors had been one of the first converts to the cult of the Hoofwitch. Long before anyone even knew what was going on. He was the first to take on their odd practices of wearing clothes and walking on the hind two hooves exclusively rather than four. As I listened to her tale, the fear in my heart and soul grew. "But, this happened so long ago! Before Celestia & Luna's reign. Surely there is no reason to fear them now?"

I remember she looked at me at that moment, her eyes as cold as steel as if they pierced to my very soul. "The magic they used was very old, and you should be careful not to feel so bold. They still exist outside the forest over there, and my family's post is to keep them away from any colt or mare."

I shook it off, thinking that Zecora was putting me on again, or trying to divert from the facts. My beloved, why did I not listen to her? Why did I not turn back while given the chance?  My faith in science and my 'true' magic made me think I was safe. I must research this cult. I must see if they really existed. My pride was my downfall, and no insistence from my Zebra friend would deter me from my path.

It took the longest time to coerce the location of that path to the village from Zecora. She refused for the longest time, but I kept telling her I was doing this to get information for Celestia. If such an evil existed in her realm, she needed to know so she could eliminate it. Oh, how foolish I was. I spun my excuses and arguments as the artisan of words I have become from reading so many books. And as she pointed a hoof in the opposite direction of the forest, I felt my heart swell with pride. While, instead, I should have just gone home and forgotten the whole thing.

My pride was my downfall, this I know now. As I trotted towards what I assumed were ruins, I knew in my heart I would be safe. But, that was my rational mind. The side of my mind that knew I was making a mistake screamed and rallied against me to turn back... Go home... Forget this tale ever existed and let the evil lie.

But I pushed those thoughts down, foolish as I was, to trudge onwards to my goal. I was a researcher. A documentor of truth. And as Celestia's student and your lover, Luna, I had to discover the truth. Not just for my own ego, but to protect those whom I cared for and the kingdom I call home.

As I trudged through the Everfree forest towards my goal, I began to realize that all the sounds of life had simply stopped. I paused, looking about as I held my breath in anticipation. I still felt the ever present eyes on me, but as for sounds of life... There was nothing. No birds. No roars of monsters. Nothing... Even the rustling of the trees in this area seemed to be silent the closer I got to these ruins. It was as if the forest itself wanted to keep the outside world from whatever I was heading towards, the nagging voice in the back of my head replied to my skepticism.

But then, as the silence grew to maddening levels, I heard the laughter of a child. But this wasn't the cheerful laugh like Apple Bloom or her friends would make while playing. It was a cold laugh. A laugh that chilled me to my bone with its malice and dark intent. Soon, another laugh began, this one a male foal's laugh to my right in the bushes. And then another female laugh from behind me in the trees.

"Little pony... Little pony..."  The words echoed out in their childlike tone amongst the giggles. I twirled about, suddenly realizing far too late I was surrounded on all but one side: the path towards the town's ruins.

"Who's there!?" I shouted, bracing my hooves in the dirt as the laughter and taunting grew louder.

"Little pony... Little pony... Come join our herd... The Hoofwitch needs your magic... She'll love you to death..."

I am ashamed to admit I fell into their trap. I turned and bolted, running towards the town as the fear began to overtake me. I heard hooves to the sides of me in the bushes and behind me on the path. And I kept hearing the sounds of those voices. "Little pony... Magic Pony... The Hoofwitch needs you..." I saw the edge of the forest, the end of the path ahead of me... Just a few more steps... A quickening of the gallop... Closing my eyes, I bust past the last of the trees and into the fading light of Celestia's day.

The sounds stopped as I stood in the clearing. Behind me, the Everfree forest seemed to close up as if depositing me to the fate I had chosen. Looking down, I saw an old sprawling village and farmland... And from the center of the town I saw a sickening black spiral of smoke. I stepped forward nervously and felt something metal on the ground. brushing with my hoof, I soon uncovered part of a metal sign that read 'PARADISE ES'. Giving an involuntary shudder, my rational mind tried so hard to calm myself as the fearful voice in the back of my skull begged me to go back.

It was real. Everything in the journal. Everything Zecora had told me. The foals laughing, the warnings... Why did I not heed them? Why did I come alone, thinking I could brave it all by myself! I was such a foolish, prideful pony, and I felt as if I had made the most fatal of errors.

At the bottom of the hill, I noticed several cloaked figures starting up the hill toward me. I reared, whinnying in fear as suddenly I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head. Before I could do anything, I felt the icy cold blackness dragging my consciousness into the unknown.

As I awoke groggily, I wondered how long I'd been out. It was dark now, the sky blackened with smoke and the late hour of Celestia's day and the air thick with a mix of acrid scents and the mist of an eerie fog. I was in a metal cage on wheels, and I was being dragged by several ponies on all fours. Their bodies... By Celestia, Luna! I can't begin to describe how misshapen their bodies were! All their hair was gone, and some weird pale peach-like color covered their bodies. Not a one of them had a cutie mark. Instead, there was scar tissue where they should be.

The cart neared the town, and I looked up to see us begin to pass under an archway made of bones. Everything, everything was true. My rational side could no longer hide from what was happening right before my eyes. The villagers all came up, cheering as I was dragged into town. Their bodies... If the ones pulling me were frightening their bodies were more so. They walked on their hind hooves, and the mares had strange mounds of flesh on their chests. Their forehooves had been shaped & deformed, allowing them to grip and hold things. I saw them in the village, some with no fur, and some with... Their bodies twisted in ways that I can not begin to describe.

I was surrounded by their evil, and yet they all seemed so happy to see me. I feared the worst as I was dragged by the hairless ponies towards a building in the center of town. As we neared the center, I saw the firepit I had read about, its blaze still as strong as ponies, zebras and rats danced about it in a mad frenzy. The acrid scent of burning flesh filled the air as I noticed a grate over the fires.

Luna, they were leaping willingly onto this grate! I watched as they willingly leapt forward and stayed there, the fire and heat bubbling and burning their flesh until they succumbed to the pain and smoke to die. But, the greatest horror was the fact that there were creatures with long hooked poles.  

They... I can't believe it, they were COOKING THEM! They cooked them on that grate of sacrifice, and then pulled them off. For the time I was kept there, I watched them pull of the blackened bodies, carve them with jagged knives, and give the parts to villagers who start to feast! By Celestia, they were cannibals! Was this to be my fate? Was I to become their evening feast?

Several of the male creatures in gaudy gold robes and necklaces came to the gate, pointing strange metal sticks at me as they sneered in anger and distrust at my very being. "The Hoofwitch has decreed you are to see her." One of the robed figures then turned, aiming his stick at the crowd and did... I don't know what... But a loud explosion mixed with the scent of burning sulfur was followed by half a rat's head being shredded into nothingness. The stick was pointed back to me, and I felt sickened that the example of the rat was then dragged towards the sacrifice pit to be cooked.

Knowing full well what would happen if I tried to bolt, I slowly walked out of my cage when it was opened and began to follow them across the plaza towards a regal looking house on the opposite side of the plaza. Leading me inside as the door opened, they kept those odd metal sticks aimed at me at all times. After leading me into a foyer of sorts, They shuffled back out and closed the door, sealing it with a lock.

I looked about, seeing the paintings on the wall filled me with a shudder of terror. While most homes would have paintings of loved ones, these dark paintings of oil detailed the history of the town. In all of them was a small creature with the same pale peach complexion as those that pulled my cart. Its visage was twisted and marred in such a way I can not describe. It was unlike anything in my books, it's muzzle nonexistent and having almost a half beak above its mouth. And its ears were on the side of its head, not on top like the creatures of Equestria.

As I walked along the hallway, I suddenly heard a voice from inside my head. :'Twilight Sparkle...' It was an old voice... Ancient, almost, and masculine. I looked about before hearing in my head again. 'Twilight, do not react. Just pretend to be looking at the paintings.'

I looked at a disgusting painting of the ponies diving into a flame pit as I thought, 'Who are you...' The voice chuckled in my head. 'An old, old ancestor of Spike's. He was named for me, you know. But I am in so much pain... They bleed me daily for their damned youth and longevity. But, being kept on the border between life and death, I have been able to watch Equestria grow. I've seen many things, and I now need you to do the greatest and bravest thing you've ever done. Even braver than stopping Nightmare Moon.'

I gasped involuntarily, then trotted to look at the next painting, a mare whose body had been twisted and malformed to look like the strange foreign creature I saw in the other paintings. 'What... You mean you saw that?' I thought, and I heard the male voice chuckle. 'Twilight, you have much to learn about elder dragons. Our powers are great, but I'm kept too week to stop this evil. Only you can stop it. You have power Molly craves and yet fears. She wants to take your power, but you can use it to defeat her.'

I shook my head, laying down and covering my eyes with my hooves. 'I can not! This is too much for me!' And the old male voice soothingly whispered into my mind. 'You can do it. You have the magic to end this all and escape, but you must be brave... If you give in, they'll have enough power to overcome the zebra's wards and flood out into all of Equestria. You are the only one who can finish this, but you must be willing to kill.'

Raising up, I nodded as I thought to the voice, 'Tell me what I must do...'

As the voice began to tell me its plan, I listened. A door opened at the end of the hallway, and a cloaked figure motioned me forward while holding one of those metal sticks. Trotting into the next room, I was aghast at what I saw. The walls... The floor... Everything was covered in splatters of blood. Some ancient, and some seeming as fresh as if it was just spilled upon the ground. The figures in here were even more deformed as the villagers, some nearly identical to the one they worshiped except for a tail and animal ears.

Most horrible of all... They were performing some of the most perverted acts to one another. Not just sexual acts, but violence and cruelty towards those who did not survive whatever twisted changes they had performed to their bodies. In the corner, they even slit the wrist of some poor zebra on all fours, drinking his blood as they laughed at his gasps of death. Seeing me finally, the roar of their laughter and cheering as I trotted forward was deafening. As I neared the center of the room, a childlike female voice shouted into the air, "SILENCE!"

The noise ended abruptly, and I looked about. The creatures paused in their celebrations, the feasting on their own and their rutting in the blood and guts and all eyes looked towards the front of the room. There, on a dias, sat the small creature that had been in the first paintings. It... She looked so innocent, and yet frightening at the same time.

I can not begin to describe the twisted, dark features on this insane creature. The things I remember most of this dark parody of life itself is she wore a red dress and held what looked to be the cooked leg of some poor rat that she was eating. Setting down the leg, she let out the most evil of giggles. It was like hearing you when you were Nightmare Moon giggling, and chilled me to my soul as I swallowed to whet my throat to talk.

"Oh, goodie goodie!" she said as she hopped up on the throne. "A unicorn, and a powerful one at that! You know, we had to kill all the ones of your kind LONG ago, making the horn necklaces! They let us go into the forest... They let us hunt. But with YOUR power, we can finally leave and go get fresh converts! Then, all will know the blessings I, the Hoofwitch, can give!"

I remembered the dragon's words in my head and braced my hooves on the slick stone floor. "And did you bless your brother and sister the same way, Molly?"

Her smile faded, an insane and angry look crossing her misshapen face as she sneered at me. "What do you know of that?" She looked around, tears suddenly filling her eyes. "Megan didn't understand... Neither did Danny! Megan had to die! She would NEVER let me claim our right to rule! She wanted to be FRIENDS!" This twisted, almost hairless creature pulling on her long blonde mane before turning it's angry eyes upon me once more. "I am the Hoofwitch! My reign is eternal! My blessings have made those that can take the change beautiful, and those who can't into workers and food! Who are you to question my work?"

I let out a laugh, trying to put on a face of bravery despite the very real fear inside my soul. I swallowed before letting out another laugh. "Is that why you killed them, Molly? First your sister, and then your brother?"

She stomped her twisted hindhoof as she screamed. "I am not Molly! I am the Hoofwitch! THE HOOFWITCH!" She paced around, still pulling at her mane while she looked at the ceiling. "They... Molly didn't have power. Molly couldn't survive. She could never be strong enough. But the Hoofwitch could. She was able to push Megan into that ravine. watching until Megan's sister's screams ended with that sickening crunching splat. And Danny, he wanted to protect the ponies. THEY ARE MINE BY RIGHT TO DO WITH AS I WISH!"

She whirled on me, the insane look filling her eyes again as she dropped to the floor. "Look, I made them beautiful... I made them like me... They're my little ponies. My pretty toys! MINE, you pitiful unicorn! MY TOYS!" And then, in a softer, scared voice she whimpered out as she looked to the back of the room. "I... I never wanted this. I wanted to go home to Mommy and Daddy. But Megan controlled the rainbow, and Megan died... I... I just wanted to go home... This wasn't Paradise, it was Hell..."

The dragon was right. Despite all this power, all these followers, this twisted creature was still a child in its mind. It was right, I could do this. I was winning... All I had to do was keep all attention on us as I let my horn begin to glow. On either side of the creature, I picked up two flickering oil lanterns as I taunted her again. "You're not the Hoofwitch... You're a scared little girl in over her head. You played at being a goddess and failed. I've met real goddesses. I've even defeated an evil goddess who is now my partner. You are nothing like them!"

She pounded her front appendages on the floor, its shape I still can't describe without falling into insanity. Crawling to her throne, she reached to the left and pulled out one of those long metal sticks. Still on her knees, she pointed it at me while trembling in a mixture of fear and rage. "Shut up, shut up, shut up! Be quiet! I rule here! I am the prettiest goddess! This is MY kingdom! I am the Hoofwitch! BOW TO ME!"

I held the lanterns above her now in the air with my magic, closing my eyes as I said quietly, "You are a false goddess. A creature not of this world. And I'm going to cleanse the world of you the same way you get rid of anything you fear or detest... With fire."

I stopped holding the lanterns with my magic, and opening my eyes I saw the glass fall to the floor. As the twin lamps exploded on the floor, the oil splashed across the girl's dress as the fire licked up her dress and lower body. She dropped the metal stick as all the room came to life at once. The air filled with her screams, the creature trying to bat at the flames as those surrounding the hall tried to find water to put out the blaze.  

Looking about, I used my magic to make the remaining oil lamps on the walls fall to the floor. Hitting the blood-soaked floors, the flames kindled awake far quicker than normal, and soon all the walls and most the misshappened creatures were covered by the flames. The cries and screams of the twisted creatures deafened my ears as I turned, seeing that the flame-covered Hoofwitch had picked up the stick again. Pointing at me as the fires boiled her body, the end exploded, and I smelled sulfur before closing my eyes...

And I heard nothing. I opened my eyes, and I was outside of the house as the mist partially hid me from view. Somehow, my teleportting ability had kicked in to transport me to safety. Closing my eyes for a moment to swallow the pain, I nodded sagely as I decided at that moment to finish this. I could not be followed. I had to end this.

I began to bolt from house to house, knocking down the oil lamps in each house as the flames began to awaken and paint the walls with cleansing death. The village began to notice too late, and these twisted monstrosities began to try to put out the flames with no chance of succeeding by this point. The heat and choking smoke was nearly unbearable as I dodged and weaved the panicked crowd. Reaching the gates, I gave the bone arch a kick to send it to the ground with a rattle, the bones shattering from their age.

I started to run, my hooves taking me as quickly as I could gallop up the hill. Reaching the top of the hill I turned, falling down in relief as no one was following me and the village was drowned in flames. Closing my eyes, I fell into asleep in a fit of exhaustion as I closed my eyes. In my head, as I fell asleep, I could hear the old male voice's last words. 'Thank you... Now I can finally rest.'

I awoke slowly, letting out a low groan. Looking around, I noticed I was inside of Zecora's hut. Letting out another groan, I rolled to my side as she entered the room. "I am glad you are awake, not much more sleep could your body take..."

I struggled to stand, wincing at the ache over my body as I saw I was covered in bandages. "What... What happened to me?"

She shook her head, resting near me as she laid a warm cloth over my brow. "Asleep for five days you have been, after your battle defeating my people's hidden sin..."

I sat up, the cloth falling to the bed as I gasped. "So the creature... The village... It wasn't just a dream? All that pain and death really happened?"

She just nodded as I broke down in tears, the death and pain of the village and the horrors I had witnessed pouring out in a seemingly never-ending sob. Zecora didn't say anything, she just held me close in a hug and let me cry. Eventually, as my sobs subsided, she helped me up and back to Ponyville... Back to my home... My friends... My dear friends who met us on the outskirts of the forest worried if I was okay. We told them I had fallen into a gully, and Zecora had nursed me well enough to be able to walk home.

I was helped to my library, and Spike was there to help me into my bed. I kept to my story, so they didn't worry. They didn't need to know about the horrors and the twisted, deformed creatures I'd faced and burned. But as I laid there, Celestia's sun setting and your moon raising, I started to think on everything.

Every time I closed my eyes, I saw that horrible girl's face. The rest of the village may be dead... The dragon may be dead... But that creature couldn't b dead. I could still feel its magic... It's hatred... It was hurt, and its followers were dead... But the magic of its potion and dragon blood kept it still alive...

And so, I began to write to you, dear Luna. Celestia doesn't have your darkness. She's my mentor and teacher, but she is too obsessed with the light. She doesn't have our darkness. She doesn't have the will to finish it. I plead you, my princess and beloved. Please, do something to ensure this evil never leaves that burned earth. Make sure that no other pony sees what makes it so I'll not be able to sleep peacefully for years to come.

Yours always,
Twilight Sparkle

Dearest Twilight Sparkle,

The weather pegasi had been looking for a testing ground for some of their most dangerous of weather conditions. Using my pull, I decreed that the clearing you told me of will be used constantly for the testing of tornadoes, blizzards, tsunamis and the strongest of lightening blasts. My order was quite firm that they could never land there, but they were to send forth all their mightiest storms there as a testing ground.  

The scientists of Cloudsdale were quite overjoyed to be given this testing area. Apparently they'd been wanting to test a new form of weather that was caused by the splitting of hydrogen isotopes. They had yet to receive clearance from my sister due to their predictions of its destructive nature. But I gave it freely, as long as they kept the tests to that clearing.

I do not know if these tests will kill the abomination of which you described, but I agree something had to be done. We can discuss this more when I come to visit tomorrow, my Twilight...

Love Always,
Princess Luna
This is my attempt at Grimdark & horror. This is what happens when you try to mix Lovecraft & Ponies... For those curious on whether the ponies were being turned into humans or furries, my answer will always be, "Whatever scares you more...".

EDIT: *DI-FL drew some fanart of one of the cultists who 'failed' in their transformations under Molly...
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Ultra-Luxe Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
This seemed more like The Statement of Randolph Carter than The Dunwich Horror in tone. Pretty good story nonetheless.
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I really wish I hadn't read this.. It was really good mind you, but.... I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight...and when I finally do pass out, these..things..these people things will be there giving my night terrors..
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Well done.
Like how it reads like a real HPL story.

This is not an attempt but a home run, you knocked the skull out of the cemetery park.
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This is magnificent! Well done, I applaud your chilling work!
Will there be more grimdark stories for me to look forward to from you?
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Even though she killed her own siblings and became a goddess of an evil cult that involves cannibalism, you almost feel bad for her...Almost...
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Thank you for writing this. Even though I'll probably be scarred for life, it was totally worth it.

Oh lord, that Molly... I never would have guessed...
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