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Trapping The Quarterback: The Apple Bloom Safe Edition
By Roy G. Biv
The following story involves male on transgendered-pony loving. For the 'Unshorn Fetlocks' edition with the naughtiness intact, please see the link in the story's description...

Quarterback flopped onto a cloud, heaving for breath as sweat caked every inch of his body. Ever since the Young Flier's Competition, he'd been flying over to Ponyville to practice with Rainbow Dash whenever he could get time off from work. He hoped to change careers to a Weather Pony, but he just didn't think it'd be so much hard work!

Rainbow Dash flew up effortlessly next to him as he panted there on the cloud, poking the gray pegasus with her forehoof. "Come on, you big ol' guy! We've only been flying at 100 KM for the past two hours! You can't be tired yet!"

Quarterback lifted his head weakly, his black mane in his eyes as he panted out, "Just... *huff* Need a minute... *wheeze* I'm all power... *gasp* Not speed like you..."

The cyan-colored pegasus with her trademark rainbow-colored mane and tail settled down on the cloud next to Quarterback, flopping onto her back. "Ah, okay... I'm sure we can take a break." The fit filly looked up at the sunny sky, resting the back of her head on the folded fore legs behind her back while crossing her hind legs. "So, did Hoops and Dumb-Bell chicken out again?"

Quarterback rolled onto his back, his breathing slowing. "Aw, you know them," he sighed. "They're always finding somepony new to make fun of to make themselves feel better."

Dash turned, looking at the burly stallion as she arched an eyebrow. "They could never be nice to anypony... Not even a week after the competition, they were back to calling me 'Rainbow Crash' all over again... But not you."

The male pegasus just shrugged and sighed. He couldn't talk much around the guys, but around Dash... well, he felt he could. "Well, they've been my friends for years. I can't just abandon them outright..." He sighed, then turned to Dash to change the subject. "Hey, how is Ditzy doing?"

Dash just chuckled. "Oh, still loving muffins and delivering mail. She still makes the occasional mistake, but it's good that she's here in Ponyville and not in Cloudsdale."

Quarterback nodded sagely and gives a heavy sigh again. "Yeah... My little sis has never been all there. The doctors say it's something wrong in her head from my mom drinking too much hard cider when she was pregnant. But she means well."

Dash turned to look back up at the sky. "Is that why you didn't go pro, Quarterback? You were the best at hoofball in the whole flight school! I thought for sure you'd get signed to the Fillydelphia Pegasi or the San Bronco Chargers!"

The male just nodded. "After Mom and Dad died, SOMEPONY had to stick around. I couldn't take Ditzy with me 'cuz she always needed constant supervision. And some of those Pegasi in Cloudsdale were, well, not too polite about her condition. She doesn't really get paid much doing the mail... It's more a volunteer gig. So I got into construction when Dumb-Bell offered the job with his Dad's company. I'd rather get into being a weather pony... That's where the real money's at! Then I could stay near Sis and not have to worry so much about whether I'll have enough bits to pay the next bill."

Dash rolled her shoulders, getting depressed at the tone the conversation had taken. "Hey, Quarterback? How soon before you gotta get back to Cloudsdale?"

The gray pegasus shrugged his shoulders. "I took a week's vacation from work to see my sis and practice with you for the Weather Pony test next month, so not any time soon... Why?"

Dash furtively glanced left, then right. She leaned in to whisper something in the larger pegasus's ear. " are you?"

Most of the ponies in Ponyville knew about this bar near the edge of the town. It just wasn't talked about too much, at least not around the foals. In every city or town in Equestria, there were bars or clubs like this one; it was only natural when the majority of the population happened to be female. But, nonetheless, the existence of places such as this almost invariably went unspoken. In fact, it was an unwritten rule of the club that you didn't discuss who you saw there... For mentioning their names would imply that you were there as well.

Ponyville's unnamed bar was run by Ace, and the retired pro tennis player ran a tight ship. Still in shape after all these years, he worked as both the manager and the bouncer, doing a great job of keeping any possible troublemakers out. Every night at dusk, he'd open the doors to his bar and the ponies would start to mingle in: some by themselves, some in pairs or small groups.

As Celestia's sun set, Dash led Quarterback through the club doors with a chuckle. "I tell ya', after a long day practicing, a few drinks will loosen your body up for tomorrow!"

Quarterback looked about, his eyes growing wide. "R-R-Rainbow Dash! Why did you take me here!? Isn't this a bar for-"

Dash's left forehoof rose up, gently poking into the front of the gray male's muzzle to quiet him up. "It's not just for THAT... This place makes the best drinks in town! But if you're gonna be here with the best flier in Equestria, ya gotta know that we don't talk bad about fillyfoolers and coltcuddlers in this bar. You just do what feels right, and no pony says anything the next day..."

Quarterback shakes his head and sighs heavily. "I just didn't think you were... I mean, you never seemed..."

Dash looked at the other pegasus questioningly, tilting her head to the right. "Why do you think I was kicked outta Flying School? I got caught with some fillies during practice. The old Headmaster was really narrow-minded, and expelled me for 'indecent exposure'."

Quarterback looked down in shame. "Man, we always thought you dropped out, not that you were kicked out for...well, for that!"

Dash gave the husky male's shoulder a friendly poke with her hoof as she started to laugh a bit. "Aw, none of that now! We're here to DRINK! You're in my town, and I'm gonna show you how we drink in Ponyville!"

An hour into the drinking, and Quarterback was feeling fine. There was no way he could match Dash drink for drink, but he was working through his second ale of the night and feeling pretty keen. One of the disadvantages of being a pegasus was the high metabolism, so it took far less alcohol to knock him under the table than an earth pony or unicorn.

But then there was Dash. It was like she was making up for too much blood in her alcohol stream! The gray male parted his mane from his eyes, peering down the bar at Dash. Obviously she was well-known here, as evidenced by the seven or eight mares hovering around her. Every one of them was looking at the talented flier with worshipping stars in their eyes, as she drunkenly regaled them with an exaggerated tale of defeating the Shadowbolts with a Triple Sonic Rainboom.

Shaking his head and letting the black mane fall back into place, Quarterback stood up with a groan. While the alcohol helped numb the pain, he was still quite sore from the day's drills with Rainbow Dash. Stretching out his hooves, he suddenly paused mid-stretch, gaping. There, across the bar, was the most beautiful mare, seated in a booth between two female companions.

Her coat was solid pink, and her hot pink mane was trimmed and styled to perfection. She sat in the booth wearing a neat white smock, a hair comb peeking out from her right pocket as she laughed at one of the other mare's jokes. To her left sat an aquamarine unicorn with golden eyes, her light blue mane highlighted with a white streak as she tossed her locks over her shoulder. To her right was a yellow earth pony, her lightly curled purple mane likewise highlighted with a pink streak.

As he trotted over to the trio's booth, Quarterback held no expectations, really; he just found himself drawn to the beautiful pink mare. He'd never seen a filly as beautiful as her. "I know she's probally like Dash, but I've just got to know her name...", he thought to himself as he neared the booth and gently cleared his throat.

The trio of mares looked up, the two on the sides looking a bit surprised as the mare in the middle began to smile and bat her eyelashes demurely, before looking down in shyness. A blush rose to redden her pink face, and she nervously wrung her forehooves on the table.

Quarterback coughed again as he raised his right foreleg, rubbing the back of his head. "I'm sorry, fillies... My name's Quarterback, and I'm just visiting for the week. I've never been in here before, but I wanted to know... Ah, what's the protocol for this? Um, who are you three?"

The aquamarine unicorn let out a light chuckle, her voice betraying her high breeding despite her best efforts not to sound too hoity-toity. "Well, now. You may be at the wrong table, I'm afraid. I'm Lyra, and this is Bon-Bon. We've been a couple for more than a few years now, so..."

Quarterback shook his head and held up a hoof. "That's alright. I was just wondering what her name was?" He pointed his hoof towards the mare in the middle, and both of the other mares followed his hoof with their eyes to their companion.

"What?" both Bob-Bon and Lyra asked in shock as the mare in the center just blushed further. "Um," Bon-bon began in a nervous tone. "This is Hairspray..."

The pink earth pony in the middle suddenly raised up, her feminine voice nickering loudly as she raised her hooves to cover Lyra and Bon-Bon's muzzles. "I'm Bon-Bon's sister from Canterlot, where I worked under Photo Finish until recently. I came here when I heard that the spa might need a mane stylist, and my dear sister, who I let stay with me SO long ago when her parents tossed her out, is returning the favor. RIGHT, SISTER?" The pink pony's voice deepened slightly at the end, a bit of cattiness in her tone as her blue eyes stared daggers at Bon-Bon.

Bon-Bon backed up slightly and just nodded nervously. "Ah, yes... She's my sister, that she is!"

Quarterback chuckled softly. "Canterlot, you say? Well, I helped build a new restaurant out there last summer. Perhaps, as another pony new to Ponyville, you might like a drink with me?" Quarterback blushed a bit himself, a little nervous to be flirting with such a pretty filly.

The pink pony looked between her two companions as if to ask permission, and Lyra waved her hooves. "Oh, go ahead. You're a big GIRL, just don't get into any trouble!" Scooting out of the booth, the aquamarine unicorn made room so the pink earth pony could slip out.

As the pink earth pony and gray pegasus trotted off, the pink pony leaned against the gray one's left side and smiled dreamily. "Mmm, so big and muscular... A girl could get used to a guy like you..."

When the two fell out of earshot, Lyra slipped back into the booth and whispered to Bon-Bon. "Your SISTER!?"

Bon-Bon just shrugged and gave a sigh. "Hey, if Hairspray wants to be my sister, what harm is it? Besides, I do owe her..."

"It doesn't matter!" Lyra hissed out angrily. "What is Hairspray going to do when the truth comes out!"

Bon-Bon leaned over to caress a hoof over her lover's face. "Hon, relax... Hairspray knows what she's doing. And if it's not meant to be... Well, she was staying on our couch anyways for that interview. And if it does go as planned..." The yellow earth pony licked her lips and winked mischeviously.

Lyra's eyes widen, then a similar naughty smile crosses her muzzle. "Oh, this looks to be a good night after all..."

Meanwhile, back at the bar, the new couple were having the night of their lives. Quarterback was telling Hairspray about playing Hoofball back in Flight School, and the mare was hanging on his every word. "And then," he said as he got into the story, feeding off the pink earth pony's excitement, "Just as the defensive line was closing in on me, I ducked through a hole in the line and dived into the end zone to score the winning touchdown!"

Hairspray giggled and clapped her forehooves before giving the gray pegasus a hug on his side. "Mmmm, such a brave and strong pegasus you are! What about the cheerleaders? I'm sure you took quite a few home with you after that game!" The pink pony gave a playful wink, batting lightly at the gray pegasus's foreleg.

Quarterback just coughed and looked away. "Eh, actually... I, ah... Oh, man. This is akward..." He rubbed the back of his head as he looked away in embarrassment. "My friends, Hoops an' Dumb-Bell, they always were the ones chasin' after mare tails. In fact, until tonight, I never even asked a mare out for drinks..."

Hairspray gasped, her forehooves rising to her cheeks as she shook her head in shock. Then, leaning in close, she mock-whispered to the bulky pegasus, "You mean you're still a virgin!?"

Quarterback jumped a bit, waving his hooves to quiet the filly. "Keep it down, will ya'? I mean... Yeah, I am, but the whole bar doesn't need to know that..." At this point, his blush was practically crimson.

Hairspray let out another girlish giggle as she shook her head. "No, no, no... Please, don't get upset! I think it's cute!" She reached up with a hoof, tracing it along the pegasus's masculine jaw as she smiles dreamily. "It means that you're pure... You haven't been tainted by the sins of Equestria yet like some of us have. I actually find it kind of attractive, honestly."

The pegasus nuzzled into the pink mare's hoof as a smile crossed his muzzle. He began to nuzzle down Hairspray's foreleg, his nose finding her withers before moving up to her smooth, elegant neck. Here, he gave a light nip, and Hairspray let out a whinny of pleasure. It was as though all the rest of the crowded bar had faded away, and they were alone in this moment, just the two of them.

Turning their heads, the couple's lips met in a soft kiss as their eyes closed, the two ponies hugging into each other as the kiss deepened. The kiss itself only lasted for a minute or so, but to the couple it felt like an eternity. As the kiss broke, both blushed deeply as they gasped for air.

"W-woah..." Quarterback managed to murmur, his chest heaving as he just kept staring at the pink earth pony. "Is this what I've been missing all these years?"

Hairspray just smiled wickedly and licked her lips. "Oh, my big, strong, MASCULINE pegasus... That's just the appetizer. If you want, I'd be willing to show you the whole dinner service."

Quarterback had never been the one to leap into bed with a strange mare, but between the ambience of the club, the alcohol in his system, and the beauty of this mare, he wanted to toss all caution to the wind. Pulling some bits from a coin purse hidden in his mane, he dropped them on the bartop. "I rented a room at the inn for the week. We can go there to talk more..."

The pink pony just laughed as she nuzzled gently into the muscular pegasus's side. "Oh hon, we can do MORE than just talk..."

The next morning, as Rainbow Dash was trying to sleep off her hangover on an appropriately fluffy cloud, Quarterback appeared next to her in a dark blur, flipping and diving through the air around the cyan pegasus excitedly. Rolling to her side, Dash just groaned, attempting to tug some of the cloud over her head. "Damn, what got into you last night?..."

The gray pegasus tossed his mane proudly and let out a cheer. "Nothing, I just met a mare last night!"

Rainbow Dash suddenly bolted up, her mouth dropping open in shock as she pointed at the gray pegasus. "You... You met a MARE... At the bar I took you to last night?!"

Quarterback dropped down onto the cloud as he nodded proudly. "Yeah, she even came back to the room I'm renting last night..."

Dash just laughed, and shoved the other pegasus playfully. "About time, ya' big galoot! Give me a brohoof!" The pair slapped forehooves together, as they both started to laugh. "Wow, this is a reason to celebrate! Now then! Quarterback! When're you seeing this mare again?"

The stallion pegasus chuckled. "She has an interview at the spa today, so I'm meeting her tonight at the bar to help her celebrate, or to console her if she doesn't get the job."

The female pegasus lept up and shook out her mane. "Alright, then! Let's get in a good workout today, so you can drink off the pain tonight!" With that, she reared back, before streaking off into the sky.

Quarterback gave a quick salute and nodded towards the departing rainbow streak. "Yes, Ma'am!" Rearing back himself, the large pegasus took off to try to catch up to the fading blur of rainbow colors.

At the spa, the dark cyan-coated earth pony known as Lotus pushed up the white headband holding her pink mane back before batting her blue eyes across the desk at the applicant. "Well now, Hairspray... It says on your resume you worked under Photo Finish until recently... And before that, at Le Mane Display in Fillydelphia... And you learned under Count Louis de Scissors at the Canterlot Hair Styling & Cosmetics School! Very impressive!"

Hairspray bobbed her head happily and let out a girlish giggle. "All that's in the past, honestly. I'm getting to be an old mare, and I just want to settle down to style manes and find a nice, strong stallion to share my life with."

Lotus nods softly. "Ah, don't we all. Now, just for tax reasons, I have to ask... Is Hairspray your given name, or an artistic nom de plume?"

Hairspray swallowed hard and looked around nervously. "Um, it's the name I chose for myself." She grimaced slightly, glancing back and forth one more time. Quietly, she said, "I'm on Celestia's tax scrolls as Crossy Dress." At this, she blushed beet red.

Lotus let out a gasp, her right forehoof rising to her chest as she shook her head. "You mean you're a..." The mare across her desk nodded worriedly as Lotus fell into a joyous laugh. "My word, girl! If you can do THAT good a job on yourself, just imagine what you can do to my clients! If you want it, of course the job is yours!"

Hairspray looked up, her eyes filling with tears of joy. "You mean... You don't care?"

Lotus shook her head. "Hairspray, this is BEAUTY! No pony cares what bits you have, as long as you can make somepony beautiful! Now, let me show you to the booths you'll be renting..."

At the bar that night, Quarterback about fell onto a bar stool as he gasped for air. "Damn, Dash... *wheeze* Did you have to try to teach me *gasp* THAT move?"

Dash just chuckled and slapped the back of the tuckered out male pegasus with a laugh. "Hey, your flying is now 20% cooler thanks to my lessons! You'll be able to pass the test to be a weather pony with flying colors now!"

"Oh, then we both have reason to celebrate!" came a female voice from behind the pair. Turning around, Hairspray lept up onto the tired and sore male pegasus as she nuzzled his abdomen. "Quarterback! Lotus hired me almost on the spot! I'll be styling manes for all Ponyville starting next week!"

Quarterback let out a cheer, his pain nearly forgotten as he nuzzled Hairspray back atop her head. "That's wonderful news! Hey, I want you to meet my friend Rainbow Dash... She's been helping me get ready for my tests next month."

Hairspray turned, fluttering her lashes demurely, yet her legs gripped the gray pegasus about his waist a bit tighter. Those fluttering eyes took on a possessive look as she nodded towards the light cyan mare with the boyishly-cut rainbow mane. "Charmed, I'm sure.", she began icily. "My name's Hairspray, and I'm so glad to have found Quarterback here."

Dash recognized that look and tone from several mistaken flirts in the club. Holding up her hooves, she backs up slightly. "Oh, relax! We just went to Flight School together, and re-met recently at the Young Flyer's Competition!"

Hairspray chuckled lightly, releasing her grip on Quarterback's waist as she beamed a bright smile. "Oh, that's wonderful! You must join us for a few drinks, but first I have to powder my nose. Rainbow Dash, would you care to join me?"

Dash scratched the back of her head before giving a shrug. "Um, okay... I don't normally go in for that kinda stuff, but I guess so..." She pounded the bar lightly. "Bartender, start my tab up. Anything we drink tonight's on me! We're celebrating!"

The two mares slipped away towards the Mares' Room as Quarterback just shook his head. Looking up at the arrival of the bartender, a tan stallion with brown mane, he shrugged. "Eh, mares... What can you do?"

The brown stallion let out a laugh and shook his head. "Don't ask me, honey! I prefer the company of other stallions. Now, what can I get you three, sugar?"

Once in the bathroom, Hairspray suddenly turned to Rainbow Dash, a frightened look on her face. "Please," she whinnied. "You can't take him! I just got over a bad relationship with an abusive unicorn, and moved here for a fresh start! He likes ME, and I can't lose him to you!"

Dash just shook her head and blinked. "Wait, you... You're worried about me... Taking him... From you...?" The pink earth pony nodded softly, tears filling her eyes in worry. Dash, however, began to laugh. "Oh, man! Boy, did you bet on the wrong horse! No, I brought Quarterback here last night as a friend! I chase after cute mares like yourself!"

Hairspray blinked and shook her head. "Wait, you... You're not like me?"

Dash blinked. "What, you mean straight like you? No! And I'd never go after a mare I knew was straight!"

Hairspray shook her head. "Straight!? Hon... I..." She bit her lip and moved closer, whispering into Dash's ear. "I was born a colt."

Dash's laughter abruptly stopped, her jaw practically hitting the floor. She leaped forward, her forehooves gripping Hairspray, shaking her rapidly. At that moment, Dash became possessed with the manic speed & frantic nature of Pinkie Pie herself. (Elsewhere, Pinkie Pie was the calmest she'd ever been in her life, but that's another story for another day.) "Whatdoyoumeanacolt!? DoesQuarterbackknow!? Doesanyponyknow!?" Hairspray winced, her ears folding back against her lovely hot pink hair. Rainbow Dash paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and shook her head. "That can't be right. Quarterback said you both... I mean, last night you..."

Hairspray blushed and looked away. "Well, HE was the one who had most of the fun last night. It was... a VERY deep kiss that helped him sleep."

Dash paled and shook her head. "I really, _REALLY_ don't need to hear about it. But really, you gotta tell him! I've been down this road, and they ALWAYS find out!"

Hairspray turned, tugging at her mane as she sighed forlornly. "I know, I know! But, it never came up last night! We just... fell onto each other!"

Dash shook her head once more and sighed. "Damn, you're good. I can see why Lotus hired you if you can make yourself over THAT well. But you have to tell him tonight. If you don't, I will. He's got a sister he sends money to every month, and needs to focus on this coming test to get a better job."

Hairspray nods sadly. "I know, I know... I'll tell him before the end of the night. But, can we at least celebrate for now?"

Dash nods and slapped the other pony's back encouragingly. "Of course! Now, let's get back out there before he thinks I'm eating your candy vag!"

As Quarterback and Hairspray stood together in the doorway of the bar, outside Luna's night was filled with the patter of rain, puddles beginning to form on the earthen roads. As patrons began to push from behind, the pair realized they had to move soon. Pointing towards the library tree's big overhanging branches, the gray male chuckled. "Come on, we'll be safe over there until this lets up."

The two burst forward, dodging puddles left and right as the cool summer rain washed across their bodies. Falling into a heap in the wet grass under one of the large branches, they both began to laugh, nuzzling into each other's necks as the water clung to their hair, manes & tails.

"Ah, Hairspray..." The gray pegasus began before nipping the nape of the pink earth pony's neck on the left side. He nuzzled his way up towards the other pony's left ear, nibbling gently upon its soft rim, as Hairspray let out a soft moan at the feeling.

As the larger equine's hooves slid up to caress over the smaller's shoulders, Hairspray winced and turned her body, her right forehoof raising to suddenly push the large male away. "N-no!" she cried out as tears started to fill her eyes. "W...we can't."

The pegasus blinked, taken aback from being pushed away, as he looked down at the other pony. "What... Did... Did I do something wrong?" Quarterback began to look quite worried.

Hairspray bit her lower lip. She had to tell him now, before it got more serious. She looked up at the stallion, her eyes filled with fear and trepidation as she began to fidget her hooves. "It's not you, Quarterback... It's me. I haven't been honest with you. Not completely, anyhow."

Quarterback winced and looked away dejectedly. "Oh, I get it... A pretty filly like you has got a guy back in Canterlot, and I'm just some vacation fling..." He started to trot away, his head and tail drooping in sadness as he stepped out into the rain.

The pink pony gasped, a hoof rising to her muzzle in shock before galloping into the rain. Gripping the pegasus's tail in her muzzle, she began to tug on it to stop him as she talked betwixt gritted teeth. "No, no, no! Stop, Quarterback, it's not like that at all!"

He stopped, feeling the tug as he heard the words. The winged pony turned and looked at the pink mare questioningly as the rain began to flatten her usually perfect mane to her head. "Then what, Hairspray? If it's not another stallion, than what is it?"

Hairspray dropped the tail and sighs sadly. "Well, there was another stallion, before I came here, but I broke up with him. I got tired of the abuse and having to use my styling skills to cover the bruises." The mare sighed and shook her head, looking up at the rain clouds before calling out to them. "By Luna, why does this have to be so hard!"

Quarterback trotted up, his forehooves resting on the shoulders of the smaller pony as he smiled. "Hey now, none of that... We're both being drama queens right now. Come on, what is it? So you had a bad mate before me..." His right hoof raises up to lift the underside of her chin as he grinned. "You're with a better pony now, right?"

Hairspray looks away to the left and down, her muzzle slipping out of the gray pegasus's hoof as she whimpered. "You might not want to be with me after this..."

The gray pegasus let out a gasp. "Oh, no, are you pregnant!? Did... Did what we do last night get you with foal!?"

Hairspray heard this and blinked before letting out a soft feminine laugh. Leaning her head into the stallion's chest, she sighed softly. "Oh, Quarterback... You can't get a pony pregnant like that... And besides, it'd take some serious magic to get me pregnant."

The pegasus sighed and nuzzled his mare atop her head as the rain continued to shower onto them. "Well, that's a relief," he nickered softly. "But, what can be so bad that you think you'll lose me over it?"

Hairspray swallowed hard. It was now or never. She had to tell this sweet yet ill-informed pony the truth if their relationship was to have a chance. "Quarterback, you know how some mares will sometimes love one another?"

The ashen pegasus nodded slowly. "Well, yeah. Rainbow Dash is one of them. I mean, I used to make jokes in the locker room about how hot fillyfoolers were, but that was just going along with the group. Now, I don't see anything wrong with it as long as she's happy."

The pink pony bit her lip again, listening as she started to tremble. "And... And have you ever heard of two stallions being lovers?"

The pegasus blinked, not quite understanding the path this conversation had taken. "Well... yeah, of course. I mean, we'd joke in school calling each other coltcuddlers or cloud biters to get a rise out of each other. But, I mean, there's nothing wrong with it. I've been to their bar for two nights now, and everyone was really nice! In fact, I think they got a bad rap."

Hairspray let out her breath slowly, the pink pony looking down at the ground... Up at the tree branch they'd run from under... Anything to not look at the stallion she had such growing feelings for. She continued nervously. "W-What if... What if you found yourself attracted to a stallion? What would you do then?"

Quarterback shook his head. "I don't understand where you're going with this! I mean, you're a mare, and I want to be with YOU! Not a stallion!"

The pink pony let out a frustrated groan. "Quarterback... I'm... I don't know how to say this to you, so I'll just say it." She sighed, and looked down, her voice dropping to a quieter tone as her eyes filled with tears once more. "I'm not entirely a mare."

The pegasus was now beside himself, completely unsure what the pink pony was going on about. "Is... Is this because you can't have foals without magic? Hon, if we get to that point, we'll just get the spell cast! Right now, I just want to be with YOU! You make me happy, Hairspray!"

Hairspray knew she couldn't tiptoe around it anymore. This sweet pegasus was pouring his heart out to her, and she had to be honest and clear with no more pretty words. Looking up, tears still in her eyes, she shook her head softly. "No, hon... I'm trying to tell you I may live as a mare, and act like a mare, and look like a mare, and call myself a mare, but ... I was born a colt, like you.

Quarterback stepped back, a stunned look on his face. He shook his head to try to clear it as he stumbled back in shock. "I... You... You're a stallion!?"

Hairspray winced. "Just when my tail is raised," she sighed. Nervously, she raised her right hoof, resting it on the other pony's shoulder worriedly. "I... I understand if you're mad and hate me. I... I just never could live as a stallion. I always felt more comfortable as a mare. So, at a young age, I just started to act and live as one. Inside, I'm a mare... I just have one tiny difference..." The pink pony coughed and looked nervously from side to side. "Well, not TINY really, but..."

Quarterback looked at the other pony, unsure of how to react. Shaking his head, he turned away. "I... I don't believe you! You're just trying to break up with me!"

Hairspray gasped in shock. "No no no, hon! I'm being completely serious! I REALLY don't want to lose you! I... I think I'm falling in love with you!"

The pegasus flushed at the other pony's words. Turning in the rain, he gazed down at Hairspray with a serious expression. "Prove it."

She gasped in shock. "Wha... What?"

"You heard me," Quarterback said, as he dug his forehooves at the ground. "Prove to me right now that you're really a stallion, 'cause I don't believe it! I can't! I look at you and see the sweetest, friendliest mare I ever met... I just can't see it!"

She sighed and looked down at the wet grass. "Right here? In the rain?"

He nodded firmly. "Yes, because until you do, I just won't believe it..."

She nodded and settled down onto the grass on her side. "For you, I will... But please... Please don't hurt me..." She rolled onto her back, parting her hind legs as her forelegs curled up defensively. The rain pelted down, giving her pink mane a glossy sheen, the water cascading across her body. As the rain washed between her legs, the careful styling she did to 'hide things' flattened down to reveal the truth to Quarterback's eyes.

He stared down between those legs, then up at that scared face with its fear-ridden eyes. He began to trot closer and Hairspray winced, looking away as her eyes squinted shut... The pink pony expecting the worst.

But then she felt the pegasus's muzzle lightly kiss her cheek. "You still look like my mare, Hon..." His voice was soft yet loving. As she turned to look up, her eyes looked into his with hope as his eyes had softened. "I see 'it'... but... I don't know really. I mean... to me, you're still my mare. We may have the same... things in some places, but horse apples to what others might think! You're a mare to me." He blushed, and added, "and a beautiful one too."

Hairspray gasped at these sweet words. She reached up with her forehooves, the pink pony gripping the stallion's neck as she pulled his head down into a kiss, her tongue slipping into his muzzle as her hooves stroked over the back of his head. He kissed her back, gently at first, then with a deep and growing passion, the two ponies becoming lost in the moment.

After several minutes kissing in the rain, Quarterback nuzzled Hairspray's head gently before carefully lifting himself off the mare. "Come on, let's go back to my room. We need a hot shower, and then...I kinda want to try what you did last night." Nuzzling against each other, the two ponies slowly got up and began to trot towards the inn.

Quarterback sat up in the bed as Celestia's sun rays began to shine into the room. Hairspray laid next to him as the pegasus sat thinking. Last night... Remembering the events of the past two nights, he admitted to himself that they had been the greatest two nights of his life. Sighing, the pegasus rested his head in his hooves.

Last night, Hairspray had told him that the pink earth pony sleeping in his bed, the pink earth pony who he had fallen so completely for, had been born a colt just like he had. Quarterback had always heard rumors and jokes in the locker room about things like 'fillyfoolers' or 'coltcuddlers', or 'crossdressers' or 'fillycolts', all used as insults or slander. Like all the other young stallions, he had always laughed or groaned at these topics. But this didn't feel like a joke, now that he had suddenly found himself in this situation, falling in love with this unique mare.

He thought back over the course of his life thus far. He'd never dated mares before the other night. He'd never even wanted to ask one out, though he'd chalked that up to nervousness. But Hairspray felt right. For some reason, it felt like this was meant to be. But he needed to talk to somepony about this. Two ponies, actually. Leaning over, he kissed the brow of the sleeping pink earth pony, who slowly woke up. "Wha..."

Quarterback patted the tired pony's side and smiled gently. "Rest hon... I just need to step out to run some errands. I'll be back by noon for lunch, okay?"

Hairspray yawned and nodded as they curled up in the sheets more. "Okay... *yawn* Love you..."

Quarterback looked at the bed as he stood in the room, the pegasus lifting his mane to stare at the sleeping earth pony for the longest time. He patted the bed's corner gently, but... He felt it, but the charcoal-colored male just couldn't say it yet. He had some ponies to talk to first.

Opening the door, he trotted out into the hallway and gently closed it behind him. Heading out the door of the inn, he took to the air to find his sister.

At the Ponyville Post Office, Ditzy Doo was strapping on her mail bag as she smiled brightly. The gray pegasus with the dirty blond mane and tail focused with her good eye as she thought to herself. Yesterday, she delivered mail. Then her brother took her for muffins. Then they flew in the air. Then he blew bubbles for her to catch. She liked bubbles. Almost as much as muffins. And her brother. She liked all three, really! And Rainbow Dash was there, too! She also brought muffins! It was a good day.

She checked her bag and pouted. There ere only five letters to deliver today. The pretty unicorn who lived in the tree wouldn't get a new shipments of books until tomorrow! She knew this 'cause after the books came, the post office let her have two days off! Tomorrow would be hard work, but it would end as another good day!

As she trotted out of the Post Office, her face brightened. It was her brother! He was flying to see her! Maybe he'd have muffins! Or bubbles! Today was going to be a good day, too!

Quarterback landed onto the grass and shook out his mane, seeing his sister galloping over to see him. As she neared, the pale gray pegasus hugged him tightly and nuzzled. "Big Bro! Big Bro!"

The male gray pegasus nuzzled his sister and smiled. "Hey, sis! I... I need to talk to you about something, all right?"

Ditzy Doo tilted her head, looking upside down at her brother as her bad eye looked to the right. "Big bro looks sad..." The female pegasus whimpered and poked a hoof into her mail bag. She pulled out a muffin and held it forwards. "Muffin? Muffins with crunchy banana boomerangs make happy super fun in mouth time of joy!"

The elder of the siblings shook his head. "I don't think so, Ditzy. You see, I met somepony the other day."

The female pegasus smiled and reached up to hug her brother's neck. "That's great, big bro! The purple marmosets will approve!"

Quarterback gently pushed his sister back and shook his head. "No, no... You see, she ... she wasn't always a mare. She was born a colt like me! Well, not like me... She's soft, delicate, and the way the light catches her mane is just... Just beautiful..." He shook his head to keep on track. "But she's still a stallion 'down there', the stallion continued, pointing to the appropriate place with a hoof "Does this mean I'm a coltcuddler?"

Ditzy giggles and winks. "Stallions and stallions make the best of friends, yes! And friends cuddle friends like hot air balloons and clouds of marmalade! Can't choose who friends are! They just become like pretty cows that fill the sky with joy!"

Quarterback rested his head in his hoof as he tried to explain it. "No, Ditzy... I think I may be gay."

His sister just laughed. "You're gay, I'm gay, the WORLD is gay! It's okay to be happy, ask Rainbow Dash! She has a pretty mane and a pretty tail, and makes pretty colors! Be gay! Being gay makes Equestria better!"

This was not going well for the elder brother. Shaking his head, he rested his fore hooves on his sister's shoulders and looks her face to face. "Okay, let's explain it clearer, okay?"


"I am a guy..."


"And Hairspray was a guy..."


"And she has guy parts..."


"And I think I really like her..."

"Uh-huh! Liking is good."

"Like Mom an' Dad liked each other..."

"And this is bad...?" The younger sister looked at her older brother, her eyes not judging. There was no malice in her tone, and no disgust. She was simply curious, as she didn't see the issue.

Quarterback stepped back and thought. "No... No, I don't think it is. In fact, aside from when I'm visiting with you, the time with Hairspray has been the first time since our folks died that I've been happy."

Ditzy Doo reached up, cupping her brother's muzzle in her fore hooves and mushing the sides together. "Big Bro, you do lots for me. You never call me Derpy like others do. You deserve happy. Be happy. I can be happy with you, and we all have bubbles an' muffins an' green letters from outer space falling from blue boxes!"

Quarterback dislodged himself from his sister's grip as he began to chuckle. "You're crazy, sis, but you also make a lot of sense. Hey, come by the inn around Noon. I got somepony I want you to meet."

Derpy stood up straight and gave a salute. "Yes, Captain! After mail finds its homes and the world is saved from the Cyberponies!" Nodding with a grin, she began flying off upside down into the town.

The male pegasus watched his sister fly off as he heard a sneeze from up above. Looking up, he saw Rainbow Dash peeking out from over a cloud as he gulped. "D-Dash! How long have you been here?"

The rainbow-maned pegasus chuckled and stretched her hooves. "Oh, since before you landed. I kinda figured you'd wanna tell your sister, no matter what happened. Mmmm, and the post office always has the softest napping clouds around it!"

Quarterback just shook his head. "So you heard that Hairspray is..."

Dash grinned. "A very pretty pony who is lucky to have you, yes. She actually told me her little secret last night, and I told her she had to tell you. It was only fair."

The male gray pegasus flew up to rest on the cloud next to Dash as he sighed. "Hey, Dash? When did you realize you were into mares?"

The pale cyan unicorn shrugged. "I'd always suspected, but it wasn't until I met the daughters of the Flight School's Headmaster that I knew for sure."

The male turned and gasped. "The Wing Triplets!? Wow, no wonder you got expelled! It's a wonder he didn't have you banned from Cloudsdale!"

Dash chuckles and stretches her hooves. "Yeah, but TOTALLY worth it! BEST PRACTICE EVER!"

Hairspray sat outside the inn nervously looking at the clock. It was half past twelve, and still no sign of Quarterback. Did he run? Was he coming back? She laid her head down on the table, folding her forelegs over her nose as she let out a nervous sigh... And then, a single rose petal fell atop her nose. She lowered her legs, peering at the pink petal before another fell on her left forehoof... and then one on her right shoulder, and still another on the table! Looking up, she let out a squeal of surprise as she began to be rained upon by pink rose petals.

Blinking as the shower soon ended, she saw Quarterback sitting in the rafters holding a now empty sack as he waved a hoof. "Heya Hairspray, like my gift?"

The pink pony shook out her hot pink mane and giggled softly. "My word, Quarterback! What... Where have you been? And why are you late, you had me worried!"

The burly pegasus slowly floated down to the floor, wings fluttering, a look of shame upon his face. "Sorry, but the flower triplets had trouble getting all the pink petals I needed to give to you."

Hairspray blushed, her pink cheeks turning crimson as she shook her head. "Oh, you didn't have to do that..."

The male reached forward, his forehooves resting on Hairspray's shoulders as he looked down into her eyes. "Yes, I did. I realized something this morning. I realized I love you, and I don't want to spend another moment without you in my life." With that, he leaned forward, his muzzle meeting hers in a kiss that seemed to last an eternity. When at last the kiss was broken, he was shocked to see tears streaming down from her eyes. "Hairspray, what's wrong? Did I make you sad?"

She shook her head, reaching for a napkin on the table to dry her tears. ", no. I'm... I'm crying because I'm so happy. I was afraid you would hate me, or-- Celestia forbid-- even want to hurt me. I'm just so, so happy..."

He slipped his forelegs about her back, hugging the smaller mare against his body as he nuzzled the top of her head. "There, there... I promise, the tears of joy will be the only tears you'll have to shed from now on."

She sniffled and sighed. "Mmmm, I think I'm going to like being with you. But hon, why did you pour all the rose petals onto the floor? What'll we have for lunch now?"

The pegasus chuckled. "Oh, hon... The rose petals were just to shower you with affection! No, for lunch we're having-"

"MUFFINS!" The loud cry came from the doorway leading outside, in through which flew Ditzy Doo carrying a basket of muffins fresh from Sugarcube Corner. Quarterback turned towards the door, a foreleg over the earth pony's shoulder as he smiles. "If we're going to be together, Hairspray, I want you to meet my sister Ditzy Doo..."

Rainbow Dash paced across the clouds as she nodded. "Okay, this Winter Wrap-Up, we have some new recruits!" The captain of the weather ponies for Ponyville looked at the three new faces as she nodded quietly. "Twilight's given us our schedules to follow, so let's try to get finished in record time this year!"

A loud cheer filled the air as pegasi began to take off in all directions. As a male gray pegasus got ready to take off towards the south to get the southern birds, a cyan hoof stopped him. "Hey, rookie."

The gray male turns and smiles softly. "Yeah, boss?"

Dash just chuckles. "Okay, enough of that. I got your sister sorting mail for the animals of the forest, so good luck flying south. It's not a safe trip, but I know you can get there and back. After all, I know who trained you, and I hear she's the best flier in all Equestria!"

Quarterback just smiled and gave another salute. "Yes boss! Also, Hairspray wants to know if you can join us for dinner after the Wrap-Up! She's making Corn and Carrot Casserole, and she got several bottles of mead to mull!"

Rainbow Dash just nodded. "That's a ten-four! Now go get those birds, then tell Hairspray to set another place... I'm gonna see if I can finally net me a pink mare of my own today."
Okay... First off, the 'Unshorn Fetlocks' edition is over at Trapping the Quarterback: UFE Trapping The Quarterback: The Unshorn Fetlocks Edition

The following story involves male on transgendered-pony loving. For the 'Apple Bloom Safe' edition with no naughtiness, please go visit the other DeviantArt version at

Quarterback flopped onto a cloud, heaving for breath as sweat caked every inch of his body. Ever since the Young Flier's Competition, he'd been flying over to Ponyville to practice with Rainbow Dash whenever he could get time off from work. He hoped to change careers to a Weather Pony, but he just didn't think it'd be so much hard work!

Rainbow Dash
Use your best judgement on whether to read it or not.

So here we have a story about male on transgendered pony love. It didn't start that way. Honestly, this was supposed to be a quick under 10K clopfic! I swear! But, like everything I write, it came out how IT wanted, not how I wanted. I wanted to thank *purpletinker for her excellent help in editing, as well as explaining how transgenendered ponies think when it comes to coming out. It seems I was CLOSE, but NOT quite there... So, um... Enjoy whichever version of the story you choose to read!

EDIT: ~ratdust drew a pic of Quarterback & Hairspray! Awwwwww!
EDIT2: Edited in the reveal as many felt it was needed even in the clean version.

EDIT 3: ~Emfen drew Hairspray & Quarterback!

EDIT 4: STAMPS! Now you can show your love of this couple in stamp form!
Show your love!

EDIT 5: Wow, we're invading fanon charts now! Like this chart by *EnigmaticFrustration!
Also, more fanart by ~meowmeowparadise (Which I now have to link here)
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Also, what happens to Lyra and BonBon? What did they get up to?
The R rated version was certainly a steamy thing indeed, though ended pretty funny.
The only minor thing I'd say it when they are in the bar, and you describe Lyra, it sounds like you are describing Colgate. "Aquamarine, blue mane and a white stripe", if you said minty green, I would have got it.
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It's frustrating we only know each other on line, and he can barely get on, but I'm willing to wait it out.
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
If it is love, it'll work out... Let me tell you a tale that is quite true.

My middle brother met a girl via Neopets and they began to chat daily. They talked, played games, and eventually fall in love.

After a year, he drove down to spend the weekend with him.

The next weekend, she bussed up to see him.

The third weekend, he went down and married her. None of us thought it'd last... But 8 & 1/2 years later they have a 7 year old son and love each other ever so much.

Not every internet relationship works out. It takes work and dedication, just like a real one. But, if it is meant to be, it'll happen. If anything else, you'll have the Grandpa Brony Roy cheering for you, as he cheers for & supports love in all forms.
FlamingLight Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
Awww..I'm really happy for them. ^^

You're so sweet. *Hugs* I'm with you on that notion as well.

It's amazing how well FiM fits with accepting various forms of love.
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
Friendship & tolerance, fellow brony. Friendship & tolerance.
FlamingLight Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
You know it!!

I really hope the series embellishes those kind of values to people, it helps so many people are getting into it.
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
The last series that was as forward-thinking as this was Fraggle Rock, and before that was Sesame Street. Let's hope this lasts the test of time.
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Nova225 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
Well, this is surely a very particuliar take on the subject, especially since it was put on a Pony subject.

I understand why you chose to have 2 separate versions, the uncensored one being quite ''special'', for those unprepared.
For me, this was nothing that an Old, open-minded Veteran of the Internet can't handle ;).
I have seen some horrible takes on that subject, but this one was quite succesful, I must say.

Good characterization, acceptance of a difficult point by the characters, and I'm getting lost in what I really want to say I think...
Anyways, you juggled quite admirably with the different concepts, without falling into too much explicit BUT enough to show a bit of reality in the scenes... or something.

...yeah, it was good. :)
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
Thanks, I loved writing it & worked with ~purpletinker to get certain things more accurate.
Nova225 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
Mostly, it was an original and quite special piece, that went a long way into the intended subject BUT not too far.
(by ''not too far'', I mean that it didn't fell into bad-taste and remained 'classy' and civilised (and, well, sexy... you know... all things considered and relativised) when abording it).

Added extra-note, for the fun of it : Derpy/Ditzy/Bright-eye... Speaking of the general concept... Sometimes she is one, many, some or all of them. From story to story it can become confusing, same for her ''Family situation''.
Personally, the take on Ditzy being Quarterback's sister with dead parents, well, it's ok. But, I still prefer the version where Ditzy is the single 'daughter' of Bright-Eye(mother), from that one story where she get visited at school each day.
darkmedina Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
I really - REALLY - enjoyed this. Another 5 stars on my account for you man, keep it up.
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Roy, I wish I could tell you how... puzzled I was when I saw the "m/trans" tag on Equestria Daily. I mean, it's not that I don't hate these kinds of stories; for me, it's unknown territory and I didn't know whether or not I wanted to read it. Thankfully, I pressed on, and I must say this story was very tasteful. I apologize that I do not think I'll be reading the clop fic anyt--

Okay, let's face it, I'm going to hit that thing up like a freight train by the time I'm done with the other updates. Pants still on, of course!

I think the biggest success out of this was that, holy shit, I cared about background ponies that were on screen no more than... what, would you give Quarterback one minute? And Hairspray/James five seconds? Still, holy fuck, now I really want nice!Quarterback now.

Confound these writefriends, they drive me to acceptance.

Awesome story, made my morning! muffins/5
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I scored muffins! Rock!
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This was just great to read and it lifted my spirits. Quite romantic with a few guffaws sprinkled in there (I especially liked the channeling Pinkie Pie bit). Ditzy is also quite believable. I'll admit I was a bit worried when you involved her at a early stage but my fears where unfounded. Also a nice reference to her extra-curricular activities. Two thumbs!
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
A few pre-readers were worried before they saw where I was going. The only major complaint was tht I wrote her brother supporting her financially, and it somehow weakened her. As someone with a close relative who is special, I know its hard for them to be financially stable solo. In reality, it usually falls to the family to help keep them afloat. It isn't cruel or an attack, it is a reality many face. And it doesn't mean we who do this love our relatives any less. We do it BECAUSE we love them enough to allow them to live their life outside of some state facility.

If that makes any sense, I'm likely rambling.
MCmkII Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
I really only had two thoughts about him supporting her. "He really cares about his sister" and "I guess Equestria isn't quite as socialised as I had hoped". You're still making sense, though.
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Yeah, someone tore me a new one (Or tried to) claiming I was demeaning Derpy. O Rly?
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i finally gave it a proper read-through, and hot damn did i like it!!

the timing of me reading this story could not have been better, its coming round the time for me to be looking for a grad date for my grade 12 graduation, and i have been wrestling within myself over me actually liking this girl as more than a friend...well, i wont get into details, but this story was just so inspiring!

it was like an orgasm going through my mind! you are a seriously talented writer, i cannot wait for you to write more.
RoyGBiv-MLP Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
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